Create a Cell Span

You can create a "Span" of Cells which allows more flexibility in displaying text and graphics in GLS reports and scorecards.  A span is a rectangular group of cells which act as one for display purposes.  The upper most left cell of the span is known as the Anchor Cell. The contents of the anchor cell occupy the entire span. Cell Spans will have many uses for making reports more functional and attractive.  For example, you can place a graphic or logo on a scorecard template which will appear on each scorecard, without having to adjust the columns and rows to make it fit correctly. T he Cell Span feature can be accessed from the Format Menu. See Figure 1.

The data in the first cell in the span (called the anchor cell) occupies all the space in the span.  Spanned cells do not lose their original content. If you remove the span from a group of cells, the content of the spanned cells, which previously was hidden, is displayed as appropriate.  Also, the cell types of the cells combined in the span are not changed. As long as the span is in effect, any data in spanned cells are hidden.

Note: You cannot sort a block of cells that contain spanned cells.