Corrective Queries

Corrective Queries, are league queries that read data from the "PlayerResults" Table and post the updated results into the various tables that summarize this data, thus correcting any numbers that may be incorrect.  In other words, the "corrective queries:" not only give you information, they take action. By running the Year-to-Date Report Query and the Total Money Query; you are assured that the points, standings, and prize winnings are correct….that is, as long as the PlayerResults Table is correct.

These two queries do not, however, correct handicap errors.  A players' handicap is based on the "AdjOverPar" table.  This table holds the Adjusted Over Par for each player for each week.  The adjusted over par is calculated by taking the players' Adjusted Score minus Par for each round.  If the numbers in this table are correct, the handicaps will be correct.

Also, the "Delete Last Scores" procedure, located in the Edit Menu, is "corrective," in that it deletes all the records for the last week entered and resets all totals based on the "PlayerResults" Table . This can be very helpful if you feel that, for some reason, some of the results were not entered properly or not entered at all. This function "cleans up" the files so that data entry can start over again. This action does not reset Sub Handicaps.

IMPORTANT: Run the corrective queries if, for any reason, the computer locks up during use of GLS. See Computer Lock Up for more information.