Unregistered Demo Version

All users must initially obtain the Golf League Secretary in the download file in unlicensed form, also known as "The Demo Version," at no charge. You can evaluate GLS to ascertain whether it will achieve your intended results. The unlicensed version displays some reminders of its' unregistered state, otherwise, all major features are fully enabled. Upon deciding GLS will achieve your intended results, you can purchase a license.  A unique "Unlock Code," a series of letters and/or numbers, similar to a password, will be issued to you.  The unlock code is based on a "Computer ID Number" which GLS generates and is unique to your computer.  All computers have a different Computer ID Number and require a different Unlock Code. Your license becomes active on a single computer when the correct unlock code is entered and the software becomes fully enabled.  To locate this information, click on the "GLS" Menu... "Registration / Unlock..."  There is no charge to move GLS from one computer to another. You can request (by email) a new unlock code at anytime for a different computer. Once you receive a new unlock code, the previously issued unlock code will be disabled on all future GLS updates and upgrades.

The Demo Version of GLS is exactly the same as the Full Licensed Version except it is limited to five (5) weeks of use for any league created.  After five weeks, the program will not allow scores to be entered or queries to be run, thus making the program unusable for that particular league.

Software Editions: The "Software" is available in 3 Editions: Express, Standard, and Professional. All 3 Editions have the same features except for the number of leagues that can be maintained within the program. The Express Edition, for example, which is used by most licensees, allows maintenance of 2 leagues. Only League ID numbers 1 and 2 can be used beyond 5 weeks. All created leagues other than League ID Numbers 1 and 2 are limited to 5 weeks of data entry. The 6th week cannot be entered. Leagues with ID numbers 1 and/or 2 can be deleted to make room for another league thus making the "Software" reusable indefinitely. If a league with ID number 1 or 2 is deleted, a league with a higher number can be changed to become a legal league. The only difference between the Standard Edition and Express Edition is the Standard Edition allows the maintenance of up to 4 leagues. Leagues with League ID numbers 1 through 4 can be used beyond 5 weeks. The Professional Edition allows an unlimited number of leagues and all League ID numbers can be used beyond 5 weeks.    The following excerpt from the "Golf League Secretary Software License Agreement" explains a the major difference between the 3 versions.

"... Licenses for the Express and Standards Editions of the "Software" are NOT ISSUED in the name of entities such as corporations, companies, clubs, groups, leagues, associations and so forth. The Express and Standard Editions of the "Software" are licensed for personal use only, by one person, in the name of that person. The Profession Edition of the "Software" can be licensed in the name of entities such as corporations, companies, clubs, groups, leagues, associations and so forth..."

Also, the Professional Licenses are not transferable as are the other editions.

Other than the above differences, all editions are identical except for the number of leagues that can be maintained.  The Professional Edition has no more features or abilities over the Express Edition.  Actually, you can create an unlimited number of leagues in each edition, however, any leagues created over the Edition Limit are restricted to five (5) weeks of use just as all leagues within an unlicensed edition.

If you decide to purchase GLS:  Decide which edition you want.  You can order GLS by email from within the GLS program.  Click on the "GLS" Menu... then click on "Order GLS by Secure Email."  An order form appears.  Fill out the form completely and click the "Send Email Order Now" button.  Your receipt and unlock code will be returned to you with 48 hours.  Phone-In Orders are no longer an option. 

Once you receive your Unlock Code, type this code in the box provided on the Registration page.  Your GLS copy will now be licensed. See License Agreement for more details.