Extra Player Setup

Extra Players can be added to a team by clicking on the Setup Menu… Player Setup… Add Extra Player. Select the team in which the player will be a member. Then enter the Extra Player data. Only the first and last name are required information.

An Extra Player is assigned the next available ID number in the "Players" Table. If there are 32 players in the league, the first extra player gets ID number 33. GLS requires that Player ID Numbers be in sequential order with no gaps. GLS will not work correctly If the order goes like this 30, 31, 32, 34… In other words, do not delete an extra player. The extra players' records may hold points that were earned for the team, and deleting the extra player will delete the team points.

When entering scores for the week, on teams with extra players you will be able to select which player played that week from the player list box. The players current handicap, if determined, will automatically be inserted in the player handicap box.

If you know in advance that an extra player will be playing this week, this edition of GLS requires you to type in the extra players name on the scorecard.

Extra Players are treated just as regular team members. Their points contribute to Team points (if applicable) and they appear in the Individual Standings.