League Points Setup

GLS offers many ways to set league points, and GLS will automatically calculate the points, on-the-fly as you enter weekly results. There are 3 types of points available for the league: 1. Individual Points; 2. Team Points; and 3. Match Points (which are also team points). Of course, for individual leagues only individual points are available. You decide how many points are awarded for the following categories.

The league points awarded for individual and team matches are set during League Setup or can be edited in the League Points Control Panel.  For "per-hole" league points you can select to "carry-over" halved holes or split the points.  When the scores are entered, Golf League Secretary will calculate the points for each match based on the settings and options on this screen.  This screen will appear during League Setup.  You can set the points settings here and if desired, you can edit and change the settings after League Setup or anytime during league play.

Note: The point categories that are disabled are for 18-hole leagues which allow you to setup separate matches (nassau matches) on each nine in addition to points for the total match.  In 9-hole leagues, since only one nine is played, you only have points for the total match.

"Against the Field Points" can be awarded for Individual Low Net or Actual OR Team Low Net or Actual. The players or teams compete against all other players or teams. You select how many points are awarded for the player or team with the lowest net or actual score, and the points difference between each place. Ties share the points for the places they hold and are rounded to the nearest point. Example: (20, 2-man teams league). You select Individual Low Net Against the Field with the player scoring the lowest net getting 40 points, and each place below descends by 1 point. There would be a total of 820 points available. The player with the lowest net receives 40 points and the player with the highest net receives 1 point. If 4 players tie for 3rd place, they would split 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place points equally (38 + 37 + 36 + 35 = 146 / 4 = 36.5. New for GLS 2005, points are rounded up to the next half point, instead of whole point, allowing for more precision.

Also notice at the bottom of the form, "Accommodate User-Defined Points (UD Points) (manual input)."  When using the Hole-by-Hole Method (recommended) you can now easily enter Individual and/or Team Points which are not automatically calculated by GLS.  User Defined Points (UD points) are points which are peculiar to your golf league and must be calculated and entered manually. (example:  points for showing up, or points for a hole-in-one, or points on number 6 if you keep it out of the water, etc...)  You can have a combination of GLS calculated points and User Defined Points.  If you select User Defined Points, GLS will provide input boxes for UD points entry.

Individual Points Setup Panel

Figure 1 - Individual Points Setup Panel

You can setup "Modified Stableford Points" for Individual Low Net per hole or Actual Score per hole.  In the Modified Stableford Scoring System, you play against everyone else in the league.  The game is based on a point system, where the points you earn are determined by your score on the hole.  How many points a hole is worth can be set by the league and changed at any time, thus the name "Modified" Stableford System.  Also, you can select up to 2 "Joker Holes" which "change the stakes" and provide an interesting challenge.  Joker holes are holes which are worth double, triple or even more points by assigning a "Multiplier" to that hole.  (See Figure 2)

You can also use the Stableford Scoring System as the basis for individual matches and set the points won as desired.  (See Figure 1)  You can base the match points on Net or Actual Stableford Scoring just as you would for Low Net or Low Actual Score.  (Example: Competitor with the Best Total Stableford Score Net in a match gets 4 individual points,  Best Total Stableford Score Actual in a match gets 2 individual points.)   In other words, the points earned are not the actual Stableford points a player scores, but a set number of points for having the best Stableford score.  If the two opponents have identical Stableford scores, they split the points...

Individual Modified Stableford Points Setup Panel

Figure 2 - Individual Modified Stableford Points Setup Panel

You can set up Team Per Hole Points based on Low Net, Low Actual, Bestball Net, and Bestball Actual.  As with individual per-hole points you can select to "carry-over" halved holes or split the points.  Teams can also match their combined Net or Actual score Against the Field.  (See Figure 3).

Team Points Setup Panel

Figure 3 - Team Points Setup Panel

Check out the various Team Match Points available (See Figure 4).  Also shown here, is the "Calculate Points" feature which adds up all the points you have selected and gives the totals for each category.

Match Points Setup Panel showing Calculated Total

Figure 4 - Match Points Setup Panel showing Calculated Total

On the "Options Tab" below, you can add Individual Points to Team Points for the purpose of establishing league standings, or you can keep Individual Points separate and use only Team Points for league standings.  Also, you can select whether or not individual points earned by a substitute player can be earned by the player and/or team the substitute is playing for.

Points Options Setup Panel

Figure 5 - Points Options Setup Panel