Cancellation or Postponement

Rainouts can either be postponed to a later date, or cancelled all together.  These situations are handled within "Schedule Setup."   From the "Setup" Menu... Select "Schedule Setup."  When a match is postponed or canceled, you can adjust the schedule to reflect changes in dates and/or changes in number of matches remaining.  Remember, any changes made to the schedule are not saved to the database without clicking the "SAVE SCHEDULE" button.  If you make changes which do not appear to accomplish what you want, you can click "Close."  When you reopen "Schedule Setup" you'll be right back to where you were before any changes were made.  Don't be afraid to make changes... they won't take affect unless you click "SAVE SCHEDULE."

Schedule changes fall into one of the following categories...

1.  Cancellation  (This means there will be 1 less week on the schedule.  If there were 18 weeks on the schedule there now will be 17 weeks.)  Select the Date that will be cancelled.  Click on the "Delete Week" button.  The week will be deleted and all remaining matches renumbered to reflect the cancellation.  The number of weeks in the schedule will also be decreased by one.

2.  One-Week Postponement  (This means that everything will be shifted ahead 1-week.  This week will still be played next in rotation but 1-week later.  The schedule will have the same number of total weeks.  The league will play 1-week later than originally scheduled.)  Select the week that has been postponed 1-week.  Click on the "Shift Dates Ahead 1-Week" button.  This will simply change the dates for all remaining matches.

3.  Postponement To Later Date  (This means the date will be played later in the season on a different date.  One or more other scheduled matches will be played before this match is played.  It's being moved beyond 1 or more other matches on the schedule.  The schedule will have the same number of total weeks.)  Select the Date that will be moved.  Type in the new date this week will be played.  Do not have two matches on the same date.  Make the date fall in front of or beyond another match on the schedule.  Click the "Sort Weeks by Date" button.  This will realign all dates and set the correct week numbers for each match.  Once the week numbers are correct, you can go back and change the date of the moved match to the same as the preceding or following match if the two matches are to be played on the same date.  GLS does not care what the date is...  It only cares about the week number and about making sure the matches are played in order of week number.

3.  Add a Week or More to the End of The Schedule  (This means you have decided to play 1 or more weeks than originally set.)  Increase the number of weeks in the "Number of Weeks" box, then click "Set Number of Weeks."  This will add a row or rows to the bottom of the schedule.  It's up to you to put in the new dates, date types, match setup, etc.  IMPORTANT!  DO NOT USE THE "CREATE MATCHUPS' FEATURE when adding weeks to a schedule since it will change all matchups appearing in "Schedule Setup."  You must fill in the matchups manually for the added weeks...