Replace A Player

If for some reason, a player quits the league you can replace that player by clicking on the Setup Menu…Player Setup…Replace a Player. After you select which player is being replaced, you type in the new players' information (first and last name are mandatory). Then click OK to replace the player or CANCEL to close with no changes.  The new player will be assigned a new player id number.

If you replace a player with a player who has rounds recorded in the league, in other words with an Extra Player or a Substitute, select the appropriate check boxes, then enter the new players current player ID or sub ID. This will assure that the past scores and prizes posted for the new player will be posted to his new files.

The new player will automatically receive any points earned by the player he is replacing. If the player was formerly an extra player on another team, any past points earned by the new player will remain in the players old ID number. This will assure that the new players old team will be credited with the points the new player earned for his old team.

The new players old ID number will be assigned the name "PlayerQuit Team". Do not delete this record, it is a placeholder for all the past records. You will have to clear it from any reports manually before printing. Hopefully this option is not needed to often!  The player who quit will be assigned a Sub ID and his records will be added to the Sub Results table.  Thus, the former player now becomes a sub and all the past scores for this player can be used for handicap purposes.