Handicaps - Setting Manually

You can manually set handicaps by clicking on the Update Menu… Handicaps… Manually Set Handicaps. You will easily be able to set one players' handicap or all the players handicaps. If handicaps are set manually they will appear on the scorecards and when the weekly results are entered.

The handicaps are calculated and posted to this table automatically when you run the "Handicap Report." However, there are times when you may want to manually set the handicaps.

Handicaps, whether set manually or while running the Handicap Report are stored the "Players" Table. GLS retreives the handicaps from this table when needed for scorecards or when entering weekly results. You can edit this table directly as follows:

  1. Open the GLS Database.

  2. Select the "Players" Table for the League.

  3. In the "Handicap" Field, insert the handicap for each player.