Sorting Rows or Columns

Most sorts are Sort By Row, in other words a vertical (up and down) sort. Sort By Column sorts are horizontal (left to right) sorts. Sorting is useful in GLS for sorting Player or Team statistics or standings. The Sort Options dialog box makes sorting easy. To learn more about sorting read your users guide from any spreadsheet or database program.

GLS will sort the information according to its' data type or Cell Type. If you are sorting numbers you must change the cell type to a number such as an Integer or Decimal.  If the cell type is Text, then an alphabetical sort occurs.  Go to the Format Menu…Select Cell Type. Select the type you wish. Now you are ready to sort.

Basically, in order to sort you must select ALL the columns and rows of the list you want to sort.  Select the entire range of cells that are affected by the sort, not just the sort column.  Select all the cells you want to move with the sort. Do not select cells that are to remain in the same position.  If you select a cell, it will move with the Sort Key during sorting.

Next, Go to the Format Menu… Sort. GLS then will provide you with a list of all selected columns (if sort by row) or rows (if sort by column). Under Sort Key Number 1 select the column or row you wish to sort by. Then select Ascending (A to Z or 1 to 10) or Descending (Z to A or 10 to 1). For example, to sort Standings select Descending (high points to low points); to sort Scoring Average select Ascending (low average to high average). You can also sort by Sort Key Number 2 and Sort Key Number 3 to have up to 3 levels of sorting.  Sort key 2 and 3 are seldom used.  In case there is a "tie" in sort key 1, then the sort looks to sort key 2 to decide placement of the two equal items.  If sort key 2 is equal then sort key 3 is used...