Spreadsheet Menu

The Format Menu

You will find yourself going to the Format Menu often. This menu is located on the Menu Bar and is available as a POPUP MENU (with a RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on any spreadsheet or report.) This menu allows you to select Fonts, and Font Size, Font Color, Bold , Italic, etc. The Alignment item positions the text or data within a cell to Left, Right, or Center.  You can also align text vertically using the Text Orientation feature. The Borders item allows you to place a bold line or border on top, bottom, left, or right of a cell, or to outline a cell or block of cells.

Also, some more common formatting options are available on the Formatting Toolbar. If a spreadsheet is active, the formatting toolbar button on the main toolbar with activate the formatting toolbar.

Cell Types under Format Menu…

Text Overflow Type places text on a single line that overflows into adjacent empty cells.

Text Multi-Line Type place all text within the same cell but wraps text to next line.

The Integer (Whole Number) Type allows for whole numbers only. No fractions or decimals.

Currency/Decimal Number Type allows for fractions in the form of decimal numbers. A dialog box appears to offer further options.

Picture Type allows you to place a graphic image on the spreadsheet such as logo or bitmap.

Other Spreadsheet Menu selections:

Color Menu: Select color of Fonts; background color of the Cell or Block of cells; or the color of the Grid Lines of the spreadsheet.

Display Menu: Alter the display by setting the text or numbers in the Column or Row Headers; whether or not to show Horizontal and/or Vertical Grid Lines; whether or not to allow Cell Overflow; whether or not to automatically (Auto Calculate) all formulas when the spreadsheet changes; and to manually Calculate All Formulas.

Grid Menu: Set, or change Column Width or Row Height; Hide or Unhide Columns or Rows; Freeze or Unfreeze a number of columns to the left or row to the top; Insert a Row or Column; Delete Rows or Columns.

Clear Menu: Allows clearing of Text only without affecting formats; Allows clearing Borders only without clearing or deleting text; or Clear All allows clearing text and formats.

Window Menu: Typical Windows menu items allows you to Cascade (overlap and offset) all open windows so that each title bar is visible and can easily be selected; allows you to Tile all open windows so that a portion of all windows are visible; allows you to the Arrange Icons of minimized windows on the workspace of GLS. This menu also has a list of all open spreadsheet and a check by the spreadsheet with the focus.