Substitute Players

Substitute Players must be setup in the league before they can be used.  To setup a sub, Go To the "Setup" menu... "Sub Setup..."  The following form (figure 1) will appear.  Only the sub's first and last name is required information.

If you wish, you can Import a league player or substitute player from another league.  By selecting an Import Option, the League drop down list box will become active, listing all the leagues in the database.  When you select a league, the Player drop down list box will contain all the players or subs from that league.  When you select a player or sub, that players name and other information, if available, will automatically fill the input boxes.  This feature will also import that players most recent adjusted scores.

Also, you can import in one simple action, ALL the subs from another league.  This is a real time saver if you wish to setup all the subs, for example, from last years league.  A check box is available to make this happen...

figure 1 - Substitute Player Setup Screen

Once a substitute is setup in the league, he or she will be available to input in place of a league member during weekly scores entry.  When you are posting scores, and come to a player who had a sub click the "Absent With Sub" checkbox for the missing player.  A substitute box will appear allowing you to select the sub player.  The subs name and handicap will appear.  If the sub does not have a handicap you can manually input it.

Golf Leagues that have substitute players have many ways to determine their handicap. Since substitutes play a limited number of rounds, some feel it is best to determine a subs handicap based on 60% or 70% of their adjusted score for that particular match. This may be the easiest method and most fair to the regular members. If you will check a league members actual stroke average, you will find their handicap is about 70% of their actual average. Why should a sub, an outsider, get any more advantage than this?

The Substitute Player handicap parameters are set from the "Edit" menu... "League Rules"... "Handicap Parameters".  See Handicap Setup for more information. 

If not established, or not entered manually, GLS will automatically calculate a sub handicap taking the subs ADJUSTED SCORE MINUS PAR) TIMES SUB PERCENTAGE.

If a sub has an established handicap it will be posted.  Sub handicaps are adjusted using the same method as regular league members.  You can decide the number of sub rounds to use for handicap calculation as follows:  1. Determine the handicap after EACH round using that round;  2. Use ALL Rounds posted; Or  3. Use the LOWEST HALF of all rounds posted. Selection 1 calculates sub handicaps "on-the-fly" when the sub score is posted. Selection 2 or 3 will result in sub handicaps being calculated along with regular league members each time you run the league handicap report.