Week One Handicaps

GLS can automatically determine handicaps when a handicap is not established!

If a handicap is blank (null or not established) at the time you attempt the post the scores, GLS will calculate a handicap based on the Players Adjusted Score for that match, times the League Percent of Handicap Used. If you do not want GLS to determine the handicap then you must provide a handicap at the time of posting or by manually setting the handicaps in advance.  SCORES CANNOT BE POSTED WITHOUT A HANDICAP.

You can manually set Week 1 handicaps by clicking on the Update Menu… Handicaps… Manually Set Handicaps. You will easily be able to set one players' handicap or all the players handicaps.  If handicaps are set manually they will appear on the scorecards when the weekly results are entered.

If your league waits until after 2, 3 or more weeks to determine handicaps, then hold the cards and enter the scores after the initial handicaps are set. If you want the handicaps to stay the same while you enter 3 weeks scores, for example, then do not run the Handicap Report until all 3 weeks are entered. Then run the Handicap Report and you will be all set with updated handicaps.