Weekly Report Templates

A GLS Custom Weekly Report Template is actually two files. A Layout File (how you want the report to look), and a Template File (where everything is placed on the report). Basically, the layout file ia a GLS Spreadsheet that contains all the formatting such as borders, colors, font bold, font italic, row height, column width, etc. The template file tells GLS where to place the outputs for the report such as Player Names, Handicaps, Actual Scores, Putts, Greens, Fairways, Date, etc. Please open and view these files to get an idea of what they are…

Templates have been created for the sample leagues included with GLS. Actually all the weekly reports created in GLS use a template and layout, even the standard type. The Template files are located in the "WeeklyReports\ Template" Folder. The Layout Files are located in the "WeeklyReports\ Layout" Folder.  GLS custom templates end with the extension .GST or .ST and Layouts end in the extension .GLS (a standard spreadsheet extension).  Templates from previous versions of GLS used the extension ".st."  For backward compatibility, the ".st" extension still works, however, it may be a good idea to re-save, "save as" all the ".st" files with the ".gst" extension.  

The following templates and layouts are provided:

Template Files Layout Files Applies To:
STDWKRPT.ST STDWKRPT.GLS Standard Weekly Report Form
L10WKRPT.ST L10WKRPT.GLS League # 10 Custom
LG9WKRPT.ST LG9WKRPT.GLS League # 9 Custom

Notice the template name is the same as the layout name, except for the two character extension. It is not required to name both the same, however, it will be easier to select the template and layout you want if both have the same name.

The Weekly Report Template and Layout works the same as the Scorecard Template and Layout.  See that page for some graphic examples of what a Template Form and Layout File are all about.

The best way to build a Template is to start with one that is already built. Open a template and a layout and rename them for your league, such as LG1WKRPT.GST and LG1WKRPT.GLS. You will have to remember that template files end with .GST so click on File Types and Click on "GLS TEMPLATES," in order to SEE the Template Files! Once you have renamed the files and there is no danger of changing the original files, you can begin editing and manipulating the files.

Start with the Layout File. Make the Weekly Report look the way you want using the formatting capabilities of the GLS spreadsheets. If desired, you could even enter one or more formulas in the report, if for instance, you wanted to do a math calculation. GLS will open a new instance of this layout file for each report it creates and give each a name (Wk1rpt.gls, Wk1rpt.gls, etc.).

The weekly reports are saved to the "WeeklyReports\ Reports" Folder. This folder is further divided by League Number. For example, the full path to the League # 1, Week # 1 Weekly Report would be "WeeklyReports\  Reports\ League1\  Wk1Rpt.gls." All the Weekly Reports for League 1 would be located in this folder.

Once your layout is complete, print a copy of it including the column and row headers. Make sure the column header labels are numbers instead of letters. You can now create the template file by opening and renaming and saving a current template file or by clicking on the Template Menu…Create Weekly Report Template.

The template file is a list of all the possible items that can be included on the weekly report. Your task is to insert the corresponding Row Number and Column Number of the cell where you want the item to appear on the report. GLS opens this Template file before creating the report. Then it reads the row and column and places the item in that cell. You can experiment and adjust your template and layout files until the scorecards are created the way you want…

The Weekly Report is originally generated and automatically saved after results for each week are entered. The Weekly Report Query is available mainly for experimenting with Weekly Report custom templates. It is not a good idea to run a new template at the time results are entered because if for some reason the template has errors then you may not end up with a good copy of the Weekly Report, short of deleting and reentering all the scores. Test your templates with the Weekly Report Query.