What's New!

Golf League Secretary Version 9.9x (GLS v9.0), is designed for the Windows operating systems, which includes Windows XL, VISTA, and Windows 7.

ALL ORDERS MUST be placed by email using the "Order GLS by Secure Email" feature OR by Ground Mail (USPS) using the "Create Mail-In Order From" feature.  Phone-In Ordering is no longer available.  See the website for details.

Because of limited tech support and customer service resources Golfsoft Company cannot be reached by telephone without a prearranged telephone appointment.  The previous telephone number published in by Golfsoft Company can no longer be used.  Callers to that number will be instructed to email a request for help or information.  We have attempted to publish all pertinent information about this software within this help file and on the website.  ALL QUESTIONS, ALL ORDERS, AND ALL OTHER MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE MUST BE HANDLED BY EMAIL.

Always use Email as the first contact with Golfsoft Company.  Please give your full name.  Before emailing your question please check all available written information on our website (http://www.Golfsoft.com) or in this help file.  Read the Troubleshooting page first.  If after checking for new updates (patches), reading all the FAQ's on the website and the What's New page on the website, and after reading over the appropriate topics in this help file; you feel it necessary to talk with someone about a problem or unanswered question, then send an email requesting a telephone appointment.  Give your Full Name, Telephone Number, and a couple of times it would be convenient to call you back when you can be at the computer where GLS is installed, and a brief description of the problem..  We will attempt to get back to you ASAP at one of times you give.  Thank you for you cooperation.

Many golf leagues change league secretaries every couple of years. Rather than charge a higher initial license fee for our Golf League Secretary (GLS) application, we have adopted a policy of licensing on a lower priced subscription basis. Licensing subscriptions are based on a two-year cycle. A lower initial subscription fee (new users) is charged for the first two years and an even lower renewal subscription fee is charged to extend the subscription for an additional two years. During the subscription period a subscriber can download and install the latest version of GLS and all updates on their current computer(s) (up to 2 computers) and can download and install GLS on any new computers or new versions of Windows which they may acquire. This policy keeps subscribers up to date at the lowest cost.

We have also eliminated the Express Edition of GLS which allows up to 2 leagues, and now offer the Standard Edition which allows up to 4 leagues as the entry level application. Because of this revised policy, we have also eliminated the "Transfer" option which allowed a GLSL to be transferred to a new user. Instead, a new league secretary is treated as a new user with a new license subscription. There is no need for the "Move" or "Upgrade" options as any current subscriber can move GLS to a different computer at any time. All options depend on whether the user has a current subscription or an expired subscription. Current subscribers can download and install the latest version of GLS on up to two computers and can move GLS to other computers if needed.

1. Any GLS version 9.0 and older is no longer supported. This includes all versions of GLS released prior to 2008. Do not inquire about any problems or questions concerning GLS versions 1.1xx through 9.0xx. It is recommended that all users upgrade to the latest version (GLS v9.9xx). Go to golfsoft.com for information about how to upgrade, update, or move your GLSL.

2. A Golf League Secretary for Windows License Agreement ("GLSL") is classified as a two-year subscription. This is a simple process. New licensed users pay an initial 2-year subscription fee. When this subscription expires, it can be renewed for an additional two years at a reduced renewal cost.

3. The Express Edition of GLS has been eliminated. Only the Standard Edition (4 leagues) and Professional Edition (Unlimited leagues) are now available. The cost of renewing a subscription for the Standard Edition has been lowered to $35.00 for two years, the same as the previously available Express Edition.

4. Current Subscribers can now install the latest version GLS on up to two computers at the same time (receive two unlock codes) and can continue to move GLS from one computer to another as needed.

5. REINSTALL OR MOVE LICENSE POLICY: If your subscription is current, you can move your GLSL to a different computer at no charge and install the latest version available. The installation files for versions older than the current version (v9.0xx) are no longer available. If you do not have your original installation files you must renew your subscription and download the latest version of GLS. You can request (by email within the GLS program) a new unlock code at anytime for a different computer for the version you currently have licensed. Use the "Email Order Form" from within the GLS application to request new unlock codes or renew subscriptions. Once you receive a new unlock code, the previously issued unlock code will be disabled (“hard-coded” within the program) in all future GLS updates and upgrades.