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Golf is...

Golf is a mental game and is played best by those individuals who have command of their thoughts and actions.

Golf is a physical game of work and perseverance where the degree of improvement is in direct correlation to the degree of serious practice and exercise.

Golf is a game of confidence without which one can never greatly improve.

Golf is a game of enjoyment and can never be truly mastered by those who do not have fun playing.

-Bill Uffelman,

Instructions:  Slowly read the following statements at least twice per day.  Once in the morning after rising, and once in the evening before retiring.  Take a deep breath, slowly read a line, close your eyes, and slowly exhale.  Then open your eyes, take a deep breath and slowly read the next line, close your eyes, slowly exhale and repeat until all lines are read.  This should only take a couple of minutes per day.  After 30 days you will be a better player!  The instructions must be followed precisely...

I am an excellent player
I am becoming a better player
My swing is becoming grooved
I am an excellent driver
I am hitting more fairways
I am an excellent shot maker
I am hitting more greens
I am an excellent putter
I am making more putts
I am an excellent sand player
I am an excellent chipper
I get the ball up and down most of the time
I am gaining more confidence in my game
My take away is smooth and consistent
My pre-shot routine is the same every time
I am winning more matches
I am clearly visualizing each stroke
I quickly forget unwanted results
I concentrate on the task at hand
My scores are getting lower

Bill Uffelman, Golfsoft® Company

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