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GLS Version v9.955 - 02/11/22 is available as a NO CHARGE COMPLEMENTARY EDITION for 2022 for all users...

Golfsoft's Golf League Secretary 2022 (GLS), is golf league software compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.  Although GLS was written in VB6 code, and optimized for Window XP, it operates fine with later versions of Windows.  GLS is a Windows desktop program; it is NOT a smartphone app.

If you are NEW to GLS if may be advisable to look for an alternative program which is designed specifically for Windows 10 and 11, and has the on-line and mobile features of newer Windows programs...  AND which offers customer support.  Check with your golf pro.

GLS makes organizing and maintaining a golf league fun and easy!  Many golf league management programs on the market are either "very weak" in features or specialize in golf handicaps with some league options.  GLS is Golf League Software Extreme!

Download a fully functioning, no charge trial-version of Golf League Secretary.  Experiment with the sample leagues or set up your own.  Create custom scorecards; calculate golf handicaps; develop a schedule; and generate weekly and year-to-date reports.   All the reports can optionally be exported as HTML, so you can post them on your website or send as email.  GLS reports can also be saved as MS Excel spreadsheets or as XML documents.  Compare the long list of GLS Features with other golf league management software.  Golf League Secretary v9.9 now features, among other software enhancements, the Modified Stableford Points System, User Defined Points, and User Defined Prizes.

For more detailed information you can download a copy of the GLS Help Files to look over offline.  Check out the Set Up Checklist, a list of league parameters you may want to consider when deciding how to run a golf league.  Look at the Sample League Rules document to get some ideas on how to set your league rules.  Also, see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.  Download the FREE "Golfsoft Client Viewer," a software program which your players can install to create, view, open, edit, and save GLS reports and spreadsheets on their own computer.

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Custom Golf Scorecard Template and Layout Files

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Free Scheduling Templates

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Sample Golf League Rules

GLS v9.955 - 02/11/22
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