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In Golf League Secretary you can separate league players or teams into different league divisions or flights.  You can define up to 4 divisions.  If you choose to have divisions, the Year-to Date-Report (see below) will sort the league individual and team standing by division.

Creating league divisions is accomplished during league setup.  You are asked whether or not your league will be divided into flights.  Select Yes and provide at least two names (up to 4) for the divisions.  You can name the divisions whatever you like, such as Division 1, Division 2, etc., or Flight A and Flight B, or North and South, etc.  If you have divisions, you must enter at least two names for the divisions.

Once you have indicated that you will have divisions and have provided names for the divisions you can then place each player and/or each team into a division.  This is accomplished after the league is setup and the players and teams are set up.  Go to the "Setup Toolbar", OR the "Update Menu" and select "Setup Divisions or Flights."  A setup wizard will then guide you through the setup procedure.  It is simply a matter of selecting a league player or team and selecting which division to place them in… To change a player or team division rerun the division setup wizard.  While running queries and reports you can sort the lists by division which will show the players and/or teams separated by the division in which they are a member.

A Year To Date Report showing team and individual standings by flight



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