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"Posting Weekly League Results"


From the Toolbar, Press the "Enter This Week's Scores" button.  This opens the "Weekly Scores" dialog box.  Select a Standard Report or Template.  If you select Template, two file list boxes will appear listing all the Weekly Report Layout files and Template files available.  Select the files you wish to use or reselect Standard.

If your league is setup as a Hole-by-Hole Method you can select either "Hole-by-Hole Method" or "Scoresheet Method."  If your setup is the "Simplified Method," meaning you only enter total scores not hole scores, then you must enter scores using the "Scoresheet Method."  If using the "Scoresheet Method" you must select a Scoresheet from the list box to the right.  If you plan on using the "Scoresheet Method," you must first, have a Scoresheet created, prepared, and saved in the GLS9/Scoresheets folder.  Also, if you use the Simplified Method, GLS cannot automatically calculate points, you will have to enter them manually.

Select or Accept the Week Number.  If applicable, Enter Prize Pool Amounts for Skins, Individual Low Net, Individual Low Actual, etc.  (See Weekly Prizes)   If there is no prize pool for the week or if your league will not be using this feature then leave the boxes set to $0.00.  Check the appropriate box if you allow subs to win prizes.

Also, you can turn on (or off) Practice Mode.  This option will allow you to fill in random scores for the players when you are learning how to use GLS.  It's a time saver.  Press the OK button to bring up the scores input screen.

 GLS Weekly Results set up screen


GLS can automatically calculate and maintain yearly totals for the following: Individual Skins, Individual Low Actual, Individual Low Net, Team Skins*, Team Low Actual*, Team Low Net*, Team Bestball Actual*, Team Bestball Net.*   [* (2 and 4-man teams only)]


If prize pools are optional, with some players in and some out, you can set whether the player is "in or out" from the "Setup" menu... "Players"... "Player Game Preference."  A Dialog box will provide a check box for each player... if checked then the player or team is in, if not checked the player or team is not in for prizes. When the league was created all players and teams are IN.  It is up to you to uncheck this column in the database for players not in…


Fill in the Scores and hit "Calculate."  That's it!  GLS figures all the totals, including Points, automatically.  Similar to a browser, you can navigate to the next match or previous match.  You can even enter some of the results, close the program, and come back later to finish!   A new feature allows you to enter scores in "Practice Mode" which fills in "dummy" random scores so that you do not have to key-in all the scores in order to practice entering results.  This shortens the learning curve considerably...


You have the ease and versatility you need when entering scores...


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