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 A list of the players adjusted scores and calculated handicaps ...

"The Handicap Report"


The golf league Handicap Report is a year to date summary of a players' adjusted scores and calculated handicap based on the league handicap rules.  It gives a breakdown of each league players' scoring record most recent first.  It underlines which adjusted scores are used to calculate the league handicap.  Which scores are used and the percent multiplier are determined by the league handicap parameters.  The Handicap Report also lists the same information for league substitute players.


It is the running of this report that actually updates all the league members handicaps.  Updating the handicaps is the first thing to do after all the scores are entered for the week and before you run the Year To Date Report.  It is a good idea to always take a copy of The Handicap Report to the golf course each week in case there are any questions concerning handicaps.  Many times a question arises because the league member forgets that handicaps are based on adjusted, not actual, scores.

The Handicap Reports displays each players scoring record and calculated handicap

Figure 1 - The Handicap Report saved as a GLS document


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