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Golf League Secretary offers many ways to present the golf league data.  GLS offers you a wide range of reporting  possibilities. You can sort league reports by flights (divisions) and by 1st Half or 2nd Half season (split season.)   As you can see from the Query Control Panel below, it's all as simple as a mouse-click to generate golf league reports.

League Query Screen showing league reports available


Probably the most important report run from the Query Control Panel is the Year To Date Report.  The Year To Date Report is a summary of all the league player and team statistics and standings.  You can also create various reports relating to individual and team points.  The Query Control Panel is also where you run the league roster, league schedule, league fees, sub results, and golf course statistics.  Also, a report is available which give the number of putts, fairways, and greens, if those items are kept and entered weekly.  The same is true for birdies, pars, bogies, and others.


A Player Report report can be run for each individual player in the league. The report gives the players' week-by-week results, a hole-by-hole scoring average and total scoring average, Actual Score for week, Adjusted Score for week, their Opponent, Prize Winnings, and Total Points, etc.  All give weekly average and YTD averages.  This is a nice report to hand out 2 or 3 times a year especially after the final week... possibly at the league banquet.  For more detailed descriptions, see the GLS Help Files.


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