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"Player" Report


The League Player Report is a year to date summary of a players' results.  It is available for every player in the league.  The Player Report is run from League Queries.  This report provides a week by week breakdown of how the player did, who he played, total strokes, adjusted score, handicap, how many points and how much money.   It gives your league members the details of how they played each hole.  This can help them see which holes they need to work on!


The finished "Player" Report below is saved as a GLS document and can be edited in a number of ways before it is sent to the printer for making "hard copies" for all your league members.  This can be a valuable record for players who wish to track their progress.  This report is probably not necessary every week, however, we suggest you provide the Player Report maybe 2 or 3 time per season, especially at the end of the season at the league outing or banquet.


A sample Player Report saved as a GLS document

Figure 1 - League Player Report saved as a GLS document


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