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Golf League Secretary offers Print Preview which allows you to see how a league report or scorecard will appear on the printed page.  You can edit the report or change the page setup and orientation or you can send the report to the printer.  Select Print Preview from the File Menu or Format Toolbar and the active report will appear in "Print Preview Mode." (See Figure 1).  If the report has multiple pages you can click "Next" Page or "Previous" Page to see more pages.  Or you can select a page from the drop-down Page List.  You can determine the percentage size of the document.  Click on "Page Setup" to change Print Orientation, Margins, or other printer settings.  Click Close to exit print preview mode.

Print Preview screen in Golf League Secretary

(Figure 1 - Print Preview Screen)


All spreadsheets, whether league report queries, read only database tables, or a spreadsheet file that you have created, can be printed using the Windows Printer Setup and GLS Printing Options.  With one or more spreadsheets open, select "Print..." from the File Menu.  Select Printer Setup to set the paper size, page orientation (Portrait or Landscape), and other settings.  Select the Worksheets, or Reports from the list box which contains all the open worksheets.  You can select multiple worksheets for printing. GLS will send the selected worksheets to the printer. This is very handy for doing multiple scorecards.  Print Number of Pages: You can print all pages, a selected cell range or just one page...

Printing Functions: Select "Standard Printing" for most printing.

If you select "Smart Printing" the following rules apply…
1.  If the number of columns are wider than the portrait page, the page is printed in landscape mode.
2.  If the page still will not fit, but will fit if the page is reduced up to 60% of its original size, the page will be scaled to fit within the page.
3.  If the page is still to wide, make an attempt to reduce column widths...
4.  If all attempts to make page print within one page have failed, printing will resume in Standard Mode in the current printer orientation with no reductions.



GLS Printer screen for printing reports and spreadsheets

(Figure 2 - GLS Printer Screen)


Other Options:

Print with or without Grid Lines, Column Headers, or Row Headers. Experiment...
Set Print Margins: Set all print margins here.  You can set any of the margins to ZERO, which automatically sets the margin to your printers minimum.  This is the recommended setting.
Color Printing: Set this to Yes only if you have a color printer AND you will be printing in Color.
To Load Printer and Print: Press OK/Print to Print spreadsheet or Cancel to Quit without printing.


GLS Printer Options for setting margins and other parameters

(Figure 3 - GLS Printer Options)


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