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"Scoresheet Mode"


You can enter weekly league results in "Scoresheet Mode" which allows you to enter the scores on a single page as the scores are posted.  It is no longer mandatory to enter all the scores in the order of the matches in "Hole-by-Hole Mode."  You can see all the matches together and can make any last minute changes before committing all the results to the database.  Also, using "Scoresheet Mode" you can opt to just enter only the total scores and points ("The Simplified Method), not the individual hole scores.  If you decide to use the Simplified Method it must be setup at the beginning and, it must be used for the entire season.  You cannot switch between "Hole-by-Hole" and "Simplified" methods.


GLS created the Scoresheet below with all the matches and handicaps.  You can type in the scores and points, then click the "calculate" button to add net scores and total points.  If you adjust scores for handicap purposes, you will have to enter the correct adjusted scores.  If you leave the adjusted score column blank, the actual score will be used.  Once the correct numbers are entered and calculated, click the "Enter All Scores" button to post the results to the database.




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Updated 01/17/22

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