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How to Register Golf League Secretary for Windows ...
All users must initially obtain the "Software" in the download file in unlicensed form, also known as "The Demo Version," at no charge. You are free to evaluate GLS to ascertain whether it will achieve your intended results. This unlicensed version has some minor features disabled and displays some reminders that it is unlicensed, otherwise, all major features are fully enabled.  The unlicensed version only allows up to 4 weeks of data input for any league created.  To go beyond 4 weeks you must license the software.

Upon deciding GLS will achieve your intended results, you can purchase a lifetime license for GLS software for a single computer.  A unique license code, referred to as an "Unlock Code," a series of letters and/or numbers, similar to a password, will be issued to you.  The unlock code is based on a Computer ID Number, derived from the hard drive serial number, which is unique to your computer.  Once you receive the unlock code Click the "GLS Menu"... then Click "Registration / Unlock"...  Enter the code in the Unlock Code Text Box and Click "Register."  GLS will become fully enabled and licensed.  All computers require a different unlock code, thus, your unlock code will not work on another computer.

When you decide to subscribe to GLS, -OR- Renew your subscription, -OR- Request a new unlock code for a reinstall software or a second computer :  You must Subscribe or Renew your subscription for GLS by (1.) Email Order from within the GLS program.  Click on the "GLS" Menu...  then click "Order GLS" then Click "Order GLS by Secure Email."  An order form appears.  Fill out the form completely and click the "Send Email Order Now" button OR by (2.) Ground Mail Order... Click on the "GLS" Menu...  then click "Order GLS" then click on "Create Mail-In Order Form."  A form which can be printed will be created.  Print and fill out the form completely and enclose a check for the appropriate amount and mail to the address provided.  Using either method your receipt and unlock code will be returned to you ASAP.  An email order would obviously be faster than ground mail.

Golf League Secretary was available in 3 Editions:  (The Express Edition of GLS, which allows up to 2 leagues, has been eliminated, and we now offer the Standard Edition, which allows up to 4 leagues, as the entry level application.)  Standard and Professional: Both Editions have the same features except for the number of leagues that can be maintained within the program.  The Standard Edition, for example, which is used by most licensees, allows maintenance of 4 leagues.  Only League ID numbers 1 through 4 can be used beyond 5 weeks.  All created leagues other than League ID Numbers 1 throught 4 are limited to 5 weeks of data entry.  The 6th week cannot be entered.  Leagues with ID numbers 1 through 4 can be deleted to make room for another league thus making Golf League Secretary reusable indefinitely.  The Professional Edition allows an unlimited number of leagues.  You can, however, change the league ID number of a higher league to 1 or 2 using the "Change League ID Number" feature from the "Edit" Menu... "Database""

New in 2015  (All Users Get the Professional Edition)
1. Any GLS version other than those that start with "9.9" is no longer supported. This includes all versions of GLS released prior to 2008.  Please do not inquire about any problems or questions concerning GLS versions 1.1xx through 9.0xx.  It is recommended that all users upgrade to the latest version (GLS v9.9xx). Go to for information about how to upgrade, update, or move your GLS License.

2. MOVE LICENSE POLICY: If your subscription is current, you can move your GLSL to a different computer at no charge and install the latest version available.  The installation files for versions older than the current version (v9.9xx) are no longer available.  If you do not have your original installation files you must renew your subscription and download the latest version of GLS. You can request (by email within the GLS program) a new unlock code at anytime for a different computer for the version you currently have licensed.  Use the "Email Order Form" from within the GLS application to request new unlock codes or renew subscriptions.  Once you receive a new unlock code, the previously issued unlock code will be disabled (“hard-coded” within the program) in all future GLS updates and upgrades.

Fee Table:



2 Season Subscription Fee

Renew Subscription










was $149.00




All Fees as of March 1, 2015 Subject to change / All prices are before shipping if applicable.


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