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Golf League Secretary is golf league management software designed and programmed by an experienced golf league secretary and developed over many years to provide the tools and ease-of-use you desire.  You determine and set the league rules, then set up the players, teams and schedule.  Set Up Wizards guide you through the process of golf league set up.  Golf league formats include individual and 2 or 4-person teams, on 9 to 36 hole golf courses.  GLS automatically determines match pairings and prints scorecards, and then will calculate golf handicaps, individual and team points, standings, statistics, and more.  Many types of golf league reports are available.  You can "Print Preview" before printing or save the report as a web document and post it on the network.

Cost to register starts at $69.00.  Since 1992, league secretaries from all over the United States have used our golf league software for golf league management.  Now you can see for yourself…  GLS Golf League Software ...  More Features, More Options, More Outputs, and More Happy League Golfers!

One way of briefly describing Golf League Secretary is to show you the main toolbars.  Even though it is not a complete list of features, it will give you an idea of the versatility of this golf league software.  The following graphic, Figure 1, gives an overview of what GLS can do for you, the league secretary, and the features you can offer your league members.  After that is a brief description of each item with links to find more detail...

GLS Main Toolbars with description of each button...

Figure 1 - The GLS Toolbars

GLS Set Up Functions - GLS provides comprehensive, straight forward Set Up Wizards to guide you through all the essential set up functions.  First, you will set up the golf course; then create the golf league; then add the players and teams; then create the schedule.  You can enter past scores for handicap purposes and/or manually give each player a starting handicap.

Golf Course Set Up - Enter the golf course parameters;  par, hole handicap, and yardage.  You can input the Slope and Course Ratings.

Main League List Box - All leagues in the database are listed here.  When you select a league it becomes the active league and all GLS functions work for that league.

League Accounting Set Up -  Keep track of player fees and dues.  GLS provides a report that gives the current accounting status of all players with amounts and dates paid, balance due, and amount past due.

To-Do Checklist - Initially and for each week thereafter you can create a checklist which gives a step-by-step list, in order, of all the weekly tasks to be performed.  This guide is especially helpful when first learning how to use the software.

Spreadsheets and Reports - Golf League Secretary has a full-featured, built-in spreadsheet program, similar to Microsoft Excel, which is used as a palette to create all the reports and scorecards.  This handy feature also allows you to save all outputs as HTML, XML, or MS Excel spreadsheets.

Printing and Print Preview - Print Preview allows you to see how a league report or scorecard will appear on the printed page.  You can edit the report or change the page setup and orientation or you can send the report to the printer.  All spreadsheets, whether report queries, read only database tables, or a spreadsheet file that you have created, can be printed using the Windows Printer Setup and GLS printing options.

The GLS Database - Even though GLS provides you with easy to use data entry forms and easy to prepare screen outputs and printed reports, there may be times when you want to directly access the database tables.  You do not have to be an expert on database theory to view or edit the GLS database.

Scorecards - Golf league scorecards can be generated easily in GLS. You can use the GLS Standard Scorecard Type or design and use a Custom Scorecard Template and Layout.  All scorecards are clones of the a scorecard Layout File used to create the card.  The scorecard Template file tells GLS where to place items on the scorecard.  Optionally, you can add a Promotional Slogan and/or an Announcement to the scorecard.  Type the message in the boxes provided. The messages will appear on each scorecard.

Entering Weekly Results - GLS provides two modes for entering scores.  The default Scorecard Mode is entering scores one scorecard at a time using the "Hole-by-hole" Method.  In this mode you navigate from one scorecard to the next until all results are entered.  Each hole score must be entered for all players.  You can also enter results in the Scoresheet Mode using the "Hole-by-hole" Method.  In Scoresheet Mode all the results are entered on a single page.  You can also enter totals only.  Some leagues do not wish to enter each hole score.  This is called the Simplified Method and requires you to enter results in Scoresheet Mode for the entire season.

Editing Past Results - If a mistake is made, GLS makes it easy to change a players scoring record or points.

Handicap Parameters / Report - Golf League Secretary has the flexible golf handicap options you need to run your golf league.  GLS has been evolving for many years and has the range of golf handicap parameters you want.

GLS Reports / Options - The Reports produced by GLS are easy to produce and very informative. Many are run in "Query Mode." There are three main reports for the league members and several for the league secretary.  All reports are produced as spreadsheets and once produced can be edited, formatted, combined, etc.

League Scheduling - Within Schedule Setup you can set the Dates for the matches; set the Date Type (Regular or Position Round); set which Season (1st Half or 2nd Half), and set the Team or Player Matchups. You can create the initial schedule or you can edit an existing schedule, such as for rainouts or cancellations.

Match Tee Times - You can set up tee times for each match.  The tee times will appear on the Schedule, Pairings Sheet, and on the scorecards each week.

Money Games Set Up - GLS can automatically calculate and maintain yearly totals for the following: Individual Skins, Individual Low Actual, Individual Low Net, Team Skins*, Team Low Actual*, Team Low Net*, Team Bestball Actual*, Team Bestball Net.*   * (2 and 4-man teams only).  You can optionally include or exclude players in money games.

Divisions (Flights) Set Up - In Golf League Secretary you can separate league players or teams into different league divisions or flights.  You can define up to 4 divisions.  If you choose to have divisions, the Year-to Date-Report will sort the league individual and team standing by division.

GLS Software Registration - Upon Registration, a unique "Unlock Code," a series of letters and/or numbers, similar to a password, will be issued to you.  The unlock code is based on the Computer ID Number which is unique to your computer.  Once you receive the unlock code Click the "GLS Menu"... then Click "Registration / Unlock"...  Enter the code in the Unlock Code Text Box and Click "Register."  The software will become fully enabled and licensed.  All computers require a different unlock code, thus, your unlock code will not work on another computer.

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