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This page lists some common questions which are asked about our golf league software.  Golf League Secretary is a somewhat complex Windows program which has been developed over many years.  Golf League Secretary software offers unparalleled versatility.  Once you become familiar with GLS, you will find it easy to use and very helpful in running your golf league.  Send us an email at for any questions you are not able to get answered online.

You can also study the GLS Online Help File for help with specific questions about how Golf League Secretary operates...
Also See Tech Help FAQ for some specific information about operating GLS...

The Questions…

1How much does GLS cost?

2How do I (license) register GLS?

3I am having trouble downloading...

4What and Where is the Computer ID Number?

My registered version became unregistered?

6Can I transfer GLS to another person or computer?

7How can POINTS be configured in GLS?

8What's are the maintenance release updates?

9How Version Updates are Numbered / Dated?

10Does GLS work for all golf leagues?

11Will GLS work on my computer?

12Can I use my old v8.x league in the new version 9.0x?

13Who wrote this program?

14How do I contact Golfsoft®?

15Can I use GLS on two computers?

16Can GLS be licensed by my league or company?

17What is the difference between the three editions?

18How is the Demo different from the Licensed version?

19Can I give a copy of GLS to other league secretaries?

20Can GLS be uninstalled and how do I do it?

21Is GLS sanctioned or approved by the USGA?

22Is there a printed manual for GLS?

23Does Golfsoft® have any other software products?

The Answers…

How much does GLS cost? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^
Click here to see the official fee table and explanations of how registering and subscribing to GLS works.
Golf League Secretary™ for Windows®
by Golfsoft® Company

Fee Table:


Edition Limit

Subscription Fee

Subscription Renewal






4 Leagues







All Fees as of January 1, 2010Subject to change / All prices are before shipping if applicable.

How do I register GLS v9.x? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^
See this web page for instructions:

I am having trouble downloading GLS, can you send disks?...^back^... ^ back to top ^ Disks or CD are NOT available for this program.  The files you need can be downloaded from this website.  If you are having trouble downloading GLS, please try to have a friend download the necessary file(s) for you. The downloaded files, when extracted, can be copied to CD or floppy disks.  Golfsoft Company is an internet based company. The fees for licensing the products are kept low because physical resources, such as disk reproduction and shipping, are not available. 

What and Where is the Computer ID Number? ...^back^... ^ back to top ^ All users must initially obtain Golf League Secretary in the download file in unlicensed form, also known as "The Demo Version," at no charge. You can evaluate GLS to ascertain whether it will achieve your intended results.  The unlicensed version displays some reminders of its' unregistered state, otherwise, all major features are fully enabled.  Upon deciding GLS will achieve your intended results, you can purchase a license.  A unique "Unlock Code," a series of letters and/or numbers, similar to a password, will be issued to you.  The unlock code is based on a "Computer ID Number" which GLS generates and is unique to your computer.  All computers have a different Computer ID Number and require a different Unlock Code.  Your license becomes active on a single computer when the correct unlock code is entered and the software becomes fully enabled.  To locate this information, click on the "GLS" Menu... "Registration / Unlock..."

My registered version became unregistered?...^back^... ^ back to top ^
It is possible that the "GLS Computer ID Number can change.  This can happen if you install GLS on a new or different computer or if a major hardware component, such as a hard drive, is added or replaced.  Also, the ID NUM can change if the operating system is upgraded or reinstalled.  For example, Windows XP to VISTA or Windows 7.  Regardless of how this number changes, if the ID Num changes then the "GLS Unlock Code" changes since it is based on the ID Num.  If you are a Current subscribers can install the latest version GLS (recommended) on up to two computers at the same time (receive two unlock codes) and can continue to move GLS from one computer to another as needed.  Or you can request a new unlock code if necessary.  All requests for subscriptions, renewals, and unlock codes must use the order form provided in GLS.  Example: To receive 2 unlock codes requires 2 separate orders.  The bottom line:  Each request for subscriptions, renewals, and unlock codes, requires a separate order.  Please do not send an email request for an unlock code.  Use the order form...  Of course, if you are a current subscriber, there will be no charge.  See "How to Order GLS" for more info.

Can I transfer GLS to the new league secretary's' computer? ...^back^... ^ back to top ^ New starting in 2010...  The transfer option has been discontinued.  We have eliminated the "Transfer" option which allowed a GLS License to be transferred to a new user.  Instead, a new league secretary is treated as a new user with a new license subscription.  Click here for more information.

How can POINTS be configured in GLS? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ GLS offers many ways to set league points, and GLS will automatically calculate the points, on-the-fly as you enter weekly results, OR you can input any points you wish manually. There are 3 types of automatic points available for the league: 1. Individual Points; 2. Team Points; and 3. Match Points (which are actually a form of team points). Of course, for individual leagues only individual points are available. You decide how many points are awarded for the following categories.  See POINTS for more details

What's with the maintenance release updates? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ Software can probably never be perfect... "bug-free." You can expect GLS v9.9 to be updated to fix programming problems or to add new features.  These updates are sometimes referred to as "patches" or "bug fixes".  Most Updates fix minor problems which may or may not affect your particular configuration.  Some Updates repair significant problems or add new program enhancements.  Updates will continue to be released on our website until all known problems have been fixed.   Please check periodically, and download the latest update.  It takes only a few minutes to download and install the update, and will not affect any leagues you have set up or any work you have done.  And the updates are available at no charge.  The latest version number is always posted on our home page.  Thank You for your patience…

How Version Updates are Numbered / Dated? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ GLS v9.000 will have a 4-digit version number.  The first digit, left of the decimal, is the Major Version Number, currently 9 (nine).  The other numbers, after the decimal, are the Minor Version Number.  Currently, the first two digits will be 9 and 0, (Major Version 9 and Minor Version .0).  Updates will append 2 digits to the 9.9 in sequence starting at 00, then 01, then 02, and so forth (9.900, 9.901, 9.902 etc.). Each Update will also include the date it was released. With this system there should be no confusion as to what version you have and whether or not it is the latest version.

Does GLS work for all golf leagues? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ GLS cannot do everything.  That would be impossible.  If it can't do something, it can't be forced to do it.  GLS works best for leagues that have set players, set teams, and a set schedule.  GLS does not work with leagues that have different players every week or if playing the round is optional.  GLS does not work for leagues that change partners periodically or if the players "just kind of show up when they feel like it."  GLS is not recommended for leagues where players can play any course they want or  turn in the scorecard whenever they feel like it.  Also, GLS, does not handle a mixed type league where it is necessary to have different hole handicaps for different players.  Everyone must play the same golf course.  They can tee-off from different tees, but the hole handicaps must be the same for everyone.  GLS will not automatically calculate some types of points.  For example, some leagues award points for showing up to golf.  GLS will not calculate this automatically, however, you can manually enter team or individual points as you please.  GLS will not handle leagues with 3-person teams, it only works for individual, 2-person teams, and 4-person teams.  It can't be coaxed to work for other such leagues.  In order for GLS to work properly, the course handicaps for 18-hole courses must be odd numbers 1 through 17 on the front, and even numbers 2 through 18 on the back.  For 9, 27, and 36 hole courses the handicaps holes are numbered 1 through 9 for each nine.  GLS will not accept hole handicaps that do not comply with this requirement, however, it is easy to convert your league to this format.  There are probably many other league rules that GLS will not handle.  Can you believe one league actually awards points if the temperature is below 40 degrees!  It's true.  If you are not sure if GLS can handle your league email us with the league specifics.  We may tell you GLS is not recommended or we may have some ideas to make it work.

Will GLS work on my computer? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ Minimum System Requirements:
Recommended requirements for GLS are the same as the requirements for Windows XP / VISTA / Windows 7.  See your Windows documentation for more information.

Can I use my old v8.0 and v8.9 league in the new version 9.9? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^
Older versions of GLS (versions 1.1 through 9.0) will no longer be officially supported in any way. You can still request an unlock code for these versions. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version. Please do not report or inquire about any problems or questions you may have about any GLS version older than v9.9... Instead, upgrade to the latest version... Thank You!

Users of older GLS versions will have to download and install the new FULL VERSION of GLS v9.9xx.  The new version will be copied to its' own folder and will be separate from the older version.   It is recommended that you uninstall the older version before installing the new version.  Make sure you have backups of any custom scorecard or weekly report templates and copies of any reports you wish to keep.  They can still be used.  Also, any spreadsheets or reports created in an older version can be opened in the new version, so save any old reports to disk.  With the new version, your UNLOCK CODE WILL CHANGE and A SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL WILL BE REQUIRED if you use this option. 

Who created this program? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^
The Author: Bill Uffelman, 57, President, Golf Plus, Inc., Grand Blanc, MI 48439., MBA (1976) Western Michigan University.  Previously held various positions in industry related to marketing research, advertising, and motivational training.  Computer programmer and consultant.  Turned Golf Professional 1982.  Served as golf league secretary for several years, keeping all league records in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  Inability to find existing windows league software led to obsession to produce Golf League Secretary for Windows and start Golfsoft® Company in 1992.

How do I reach Golfsoft® Company? ...^back^... ^ back to top ^
Because of limited tech support and customer service resources Golfsoft® Company cannot be reached by telephone without a prearranged telephone appointment.  We have attempted to publish all pertinent information about this software within the GLS help file and on this website.  There may be, in the near future, a telephone number posted where you can call and leave a message on an answering machine.  Until then, ALL QUESTIONS, ALL ORDERS, AND ALL OTHER MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE MUST INITIALLY BE HANDLED BY EMAIL.  Thank You!

Golfsoft® Company
1518 W. Grand Blanc Rd.
Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439

Can I use GLS on two computers? ........
^back^...... ^ back to top ^
Current Subscribers can now install the latest version GLS on up to two computers at the same time (receive two unlock codes) and can continue to move GLS from one computer to another as needed.

Please remember:  It is not necessary to have a registered copy of GLS on a second computer if all you wish to do is open, view, edit, or print, reports which are created in GLS.  Only the computer where scorecards are created, scores are entered, and reports generated needs to be a licensed copy of GLS.  You or your league members can use the Golfsoft Client Viewer program (no charge) for the purpose of opening, viewing, editing, printing all the reports and spreadsheets that are created using a licensed copy of GLS. The Client Viewer has all the spreadsheet and printing features of GLS without the golf related features.  Please check it out. Download and install it...

It is not recommended to have GLS on two machines.  If you go this route, be careful to keep your two database synchronized properly.  If you decide to run a league on two different computers a loss of data could occur if you copy over a database file which is more current than the file you are pasting.  All the league data is held in the file gls90db.mdb.  This file can be moved (copied) back and forth from one computer to another into the GLS9/database folder.  Be careful to also back up your database before moving or pasting this file.

Can GLS be licensed by my league or company? ......
^back^..... ^ back to top ^  Licenses for the Express and Standards Editions of the "Software" are NOT ISSUED to entities such as corporations, companies, clubs, groups, leagues, associations and so forth.  The Express and Standards Editions of the “Software” are licensed for personal use only, by ONE (1) person , on a single computer.  The Profession Edition of the "Software" can be licensed to entities such as corporations, companies, clubs, groups, leagues, associations and so forth.

What is the difference between the three editions? ......
^back^..... ^ back to top ^ Golf League Secretary is available in 2 Editions.  Starting in 2010 the Express Edition has been eliminated.  Click License Agreement for more details.

Software Editions: The "Software" is available in 2 Editions: Standard and Professional. Both Editions have the same features and capabilities except for the number of leagues that can be maintained within the program. The Standard Edition, for example, which is used by most licensees, allows maintenance of up to 4 leagues. Only League ID numbers 1 through 4 can be used beyond 5 weeks. All created leagues other than League ID Numbers 1 through 4 are limited to 5 weeks of data entry. The 6th week cannot be entered for that league. Leagues with ID numbers 1 through 4 can be deleted to make room for another league thus making the "Software" reusable indefinitely. If a league with ID number 1 through 4 is deleted, a league with a higher number can be changed, within the application to become a legal league. The Professional Edition allows an unlimited number of leagues and all League ID numbers can be used beyond 5 weeks.


Edition Limit


2 League


4 Leagues



How is the Demo Version different from a licensed version? ..^back^.. ^ back to top ^  The unlicensed demo version is exactly the same as the licensed version except for not allowing you to go past 5 weeks of data entry for any league you create. That's the only difference! Except for the opening and closing reminders that the program is unlicensed, the demo version and licensed version are the same. There are no pressing reasons to order the program immediately or until you have used it for a few weeks.

The demo version can be Uninstalled or Converted to a Full Registered Version by typing in the correct "Unlock Code" in the "Registration Screen" under the "GLS" Menu. The "Unlock Code" then becomes the Registration Number.  Each computer has a unique Computer ID Number and "Unlock Code." To register, Go to the GLS Menu and click on "Order by Secure Email."

Can I give a copy of GLS to other league secretaries? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ We appreciate your telling your friends or anyone who may be interested about Golfsoft® and Golf League Secretary™.  They can get more information and download the latest version of GLS from this website.  

Can GLS be uninstalled and how do I do it? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ When you install Golf League Secretary v9.9 for Windows a file is created called INSTALL.LOG which contains all the files that were loaded during installation. If you would like to see this file, it can be viewed in Notepad. The GLS v9.0 Uninstall Program, UNGLS90.EXE, reads the install.log and uninstalls, (deletes), the program and data files that were installed less any shared components which are used by other programs on your computer.

To Uninstall GLS v9.x:
1.  From the Start Button Click "Programs."  Click on the Golfsoft® Group and double-click on the Ungls90.exe or Uninstall icon.
2.  From the Uninstall Dialog Box, Click Automatic (recommended) to automatically delete all files installed by the GLS v9.x installation program. Click Custom to have control over the uninstall process. Click Cancel to close the Uninstall Program without any changes.  

If other programs appear to use any of the files to be deleted, you will be prompted to decide whether or not to delete the file.  Unless you sure it is OK, you may not want to delete any file which may be used by other programs.

Is GLS sanctioned or approved by the USGA? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ The United States Golf Association (USGA), has NOT in any way approved or endorsed this program, nor has such an approval been solicited. The USGA is the sole governing body that establishes handicap parameters and the requirements for maintaining a certified handicap. The USGA controls and sanctions the issuance of official handicap cards that can be used in events at any golf course with an official slope or stroke rating. GLS, or any golf software which is operated by anyone other than a certified golf association or club cannot issue handicap cards or establish a certified handicap. A handicap established by Golf League Secretary can only be used within this golf league. GLS cannot, by law, and does not create or issue handicap cards for league members. Your members can, however, submit their league scores to a certified USGA club.  Call the  USGA in Far Hills, New Jersey for more details...

Is there a printed manual for GLS? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ Printed Documentation is not available at this time. All the effort of preparing this program has gone into programming and testing. We have attempted to make the On-Line Help File a comprehensive explanation of how GLS works and what it can do. You may find it helpful to print some of the Help Topics if a hard copy is helpful for you.

Does Golfsoft® have any other software products? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ Golf League Secretary for Windows our only product at this time.  Our next planned products will be Golf Team Secretary™ for Windows, a program designed specifically for high school and college golf coaches; Golf Handicap Secretary™ for Windows, a program designed for golf outings and tournaments, and Golfers' Secretary™ for Windows, a program designed to track an individual golfer(s) statistics. Other products are planned including a program to specifically run a scramble tournament and a golf club handicapping program.


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