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Exchange links with us to increase our mutual exposure to potential customers and search engines...

Let's have reciprocal links on our websites!
This message is an offer to have reciprocal links on our home or link pages in order to increase our mutual exposure to customers and to "move us up" the search engine results list.  I have added a new page on our website (Links) which will be used to display text and/or a small graphic which can expose your website to our customers and can be read by search engine crawlers which periodically scan the internet to update search results.  Our links page is divided into the following categories:

1.  Golf (Miscellaneous)
2.  Golf Courses
3.  Golf Instruction
4.  Golf Travel Packages
5.  Golf Equipment and Accessories
6.  Recommended Links (Non-Golf Related)

We are limiting each category to 20 links.  If you are interested in displaying your link on our website in exchange for displaying our link on your website please let me know.  This can be a win/win situation for us...

Thank you for your consideration of this offer...

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
1.  You MUST provide a graphic and/or a text link somewhere on your MAIN PAGE, or on your LINKS PAGE.  The following sample code can be used to insert our link on your page.  You may alter the code to reflect the image being accessed from your site, or to comply with your web design.  Where, for example, "images" is a sub-directory within your domain.

Without Graphic:
<font face="Verdana" size="2"><a target="_blank" href="">Golf League Secretary by Golfsoft ®</a>:&nbsp;Golf League Software for Golf League Management from Golfsoft ® Company</font>

With Graphic:
<A target="_blank" href=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=106 HEIGHT=30 BORDER=0 ALT="Golfsoft ® Company for Golf League Software"><br><b><font size="2" face="Verdana">Golf League Software for Golf League Management from Golfsoft ® Company</A> 

Your links page should be a predominant feature from your main page and clearly labeled as a "links" page.  We will not be interested if you have cluttered pages and/or pages that have obscure or "hard to find" links.  We will only consider a link that resides on a .htm, .html, or similar web page that can be crawled by search engine spiders.  Obscure links (links pages that are excessively long and cluttered) links within framed pages, as well as deeply rooted pages providing reciprocal links are not desired.  We like "links" pages that are clearly labeled and visible to a typical web surfer.

2.  Once you have placed our link on your site, email us indicating your URL (web site address).  In the subject line type: "Golfsoft Link Exchange." Indicate which category you wish to be placed (1 through 6).  Include a 1-line description of your site or product, or include sample code as we have done above.  Indicate or include a graphic if desired.

3.  We will link you within 24hrs.



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