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For 2019 Golf League Secretary is being offered on a Complementary basis.  In other words, you can use GLS for the entire year at NO CHARGE.  There is no need to order GLS or pay any fees whatsoever.  If you are installing for the first time, download and install the latest FULL VERSION, --OR-- if you already have GLS installed, then download and install the UPDATE.  GLS is complementary for 2019 because SUPPORT IS VERY LIMITED.  You must read the help files and tips from this website.  Use this program at your own risk only.  Please do not expect support for problems or questions that may arise.  Usually the best solution for a problem is to reinstall the program or "start over" with league set up from the very beginning.  GLS is not able to do what it is not designed to do.  You cannot force it, for example, to accommodate 3 man teams, or mixed leagues where players use different hole handicaps, etc.  The GLS license will be changed for 2020 and beyond.

Use GLS for a while before buying!

Golf League Secretary is only available by download from this website.  Installation Disks or CD's are not available to be shipped.  After downloading, you can copy the installation files to a folder on your hard drive or to a CD ROM.  Click if you are new to downloading.  If you do not have internet access and are not able to download GLS, please have a friend or relative download the GLS files and make a copy for you...

Please read the license agreement to understand the GLS subscription and various editions, versions, etc.  Also, please do not attempt to order the program (obtain a subscription license) unless you feel the program will work for you.  Go ahead and try it for awhile.  The unlicensed demo version is exactly the same as the licensed version except for not allowing you to go past 5 weeks of data entry for any league you create.  That's the only difference!  Except for the opening and closing reminders that the program is unlicensed, the demo version and licensed version are the same.  There are no pressing reasons to order the program immediately or until you have used it for a few weeks.

When you decide to subscribe... It's EASY!
As shown in Figure 1, from the "GLS" Menu, click "Order GLS."  Then click "Order or Upgrade GLS by Secure E-Mail."  An order form will appear.


Figure 1 - Where to find GLS Order Form


Next, Fill out the order form...
After filling out the form completely, Click the "Create Encrypted Email Order Text" button to create the encrypted email order text.  This text will appear in the large text box below the button and will contain all the information needed to place an order for GLS.  The order text has been encrypted (scrambled) and can only be read by Golfsoft Company.  The decryption key is located on a "stand-alone" computer and cannot be accessed by anyone over a network computer. 

Figure 2 - The GLS Order Form

Create the Email Order and send it to Golfsoft... It's Secure!
When the encrypted order text has been created, click the "E-mail Order Now" button (See Figure 3).  An email, from your default email program, will be composed.  If, for some reason, the "E-Mail Order Now" button does not open your system email program, you can copy the encrypted text and paste it into the body of an email message.  Use the words "GLS Order" as the email Subject.  Send this email, unedited, to Golfsoft.

Once the order is received, a license code, (UNLOCK CODE), and RECEIPT will be returned to you, by email, within 48 hours.  Your private information IS NOT stored on a network computer or server.  Thus, your data cannot be accessed by anyone over the internet.  As per our Privacy Statement, your information WILL NOT, for any reason, be sold or shared with another party.  Your personal data will be used for this GLS order only.

Figure 3 - Create and Send Encrypted Email GLS Order

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