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Golf League Secretary is only available by download from this website.  Installation Disks or CD's are not available to be shipped.  After downloading, you can copy the installation files to a folder on your hard drive or to a CD ROM.  Click if you are new to downloading.  If you do not have internet access and are not able to download GLS, please have a friend or relative download the GLS files and make a copy for you... 

Please read the license agreement to understand the various editions, versions, etc.  Also, please do not attempt to order the program (obtain a license) unless you are sure the program will work for you.  The unlicensed version is exactly the same as the licensed version except for not allowing you to go past 5 weeks of data entry for any league you create.  That's the only difference!  Except for the opening and closing reminders that the program is unlicensed, the demo version and licensed version are the same.  There are no pressing reasons to order the program immediately or until you have used it for a couple of weeks.  For licensing procedure, see "How to Order GLS."

The Number 1 Problem users have with this program is setting up the League, Players, or Schedule before knowing all the league facts.  The Golf Course is no problem...  Just get a scorecard and input the yardages, pars, and hole handicaps.  But setting up the League, Players, and Schedule require information which only you and your league members can decide.  If you haven't already, print out the League Setup Checklist from this website or within GLS click on the Setup Menu...  Click Organizers.  This list provides most of the questions you will have to answer to setup your league.  This list is an excellent tool to take to the initial league meeting or meeting of the rules committee.

Figure 1 - League Setup Checklist

Common Setup Errors

Most of the problems users have with GLS are caused by trying to make the program do something it was not designed to do...  Some problems occur because of a misunderstanding of what GLS can and cannot do.  It cannot do everything.  That would be impossible.  If it can't do something, it can't be forced to do it.  GLS works best for leagues that have a set number of players, set teams, and a set schedule. GLS does not work with leagues that have different players every week or if playing the round is optional.  GLS does not work well, if at all, for leagues that change partners periodically or if the players "just kind of show up when they feel like it."  GLS is not recommended for leagues where players can play any course they want or turn in the scorecard whenever they feel like it.

GLS does not handle a mixed type league where it is necessary to have different hole handicaps for different players.  Won't work!  Everyone must play the same golf course.  They can tee-off from different tees, but the hole handicaps must be the same for everyone.

GLS will not automatically calculate some types of points.  For example, some leagues award points for showing up to golf.  GLS will not calculate this automatically, however, you can manually enter team and/or individual points as you please by using the User-Defined Points feature.

GLS will not handle leagues with 3-person teams, ONLY individual, 2-person teams, and 4-person teams are allowed.  It can't be coaxed to work for leagues where 5 or more players play each week.  You can have "Extra Players" on a team where only 1, 2, or 4 play each week.

In order for GLS to work properly, the course handicaps for 18-hole courses must be the odd numbers 1 through 17 on the front, and the even numbers 2 through 18 on the back.  For 9, 27, and 36 hole courses the handicaps holes are numbered 1 through 9 for each nine.  GLS will not accept hole handicaps that do not comply with this requirement.

Most error messages produced by GLS indicate one thing... Something is not setup correctly!  Some problems occur when a user may attempt to make changes in the GLS database (i.e. deleting records or tables)... Or by editing the Windows Registry without knowing the consequences of such changes... Another reason for problems is trying to edit an existing league to make it work for a new league.  When it is time to start a new league, then start it from scratch.  Do not try to edit another league, by changing the number of teams or players.  It will end up taking more time and creating more problems than it's worth.

Experimentation, in general, is the cause of many problems.  There's nothing wrong with experimentation.  It's the best way to learn how GLS works.  Play around with the Sample Leagues.  Create one or more leagues before setting up your actual league.  See how it works... create and print scorecards, enter results, calculate handicaps, check out the reports, run queries, etc., etc.  But when it's time to set up the league, it has to be done correctly and in order.  When a user first gets the program they of course will experiment, creating leagues and running various functions. This is a learning period before actually setting up your league.  Many times we do not even know who will be in the league or how many teams there will be until a day or two before the league starts.

We all would like to get the league setup well in advance so that we can have the schedule and first night scorecards ready to pass out.  And this creates the NUMBER 1 PROBLEM people have with GLS: Setting up the league before knowing all the facts:  Who's in the league, how many teams, the players, etc. They setup the league and then want to go back and change the setup once all the league parameters are known.  This is very hard to resist.  Maybe we setup a league for 24 players, and 12 teams.  Then we find out there will only be 20 players and 10 teams.  So instead of creating a new league, we think we can go back and make certain changes in the database so that it will work for the new revised setup.  This almost always causes problems.  If after your league is set up, the number of players or teams change, you must start over with a fresh league setup.  Complete steps 2 through 4 again.  Start over.    League set up does not take that long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes once you have all the information.  You won't have to setup the golf course again and you can "pull-in" the player data from the previous league.  You won't have to re-type all the player names and information over again.  Do not be afraid to re-setup a league.  Most of the time the problem(s) will disappear.

A Golf League has four basic ingredients:

You set up your Golf League by simply inputting the required data for each ingredient.  Information about your league must be entered in the following order.  1. Golf Course Setup; 2. League Setup; 3. Player [Team] Setup; 4. Schedule Setup.

Figure 2 - The Setup Menu for Golf Courses, Leagues, Players, and Schedule.

1. A Golf Course A league is not possible without a golf course, thus, it is the first setup item.  Once a golf course is setup any league can access it.

The League
(League Rules)  You have a golf course, now you need an organization with rules and structure.  Check out the sample league rules for some ideas.

Players (and/or Teams)
No players….No league, thus players are next.

A Schedule: (Dates and Appointments).  We must have a date and an opponent to make it interesting.

ENTERING ALL OF THE DATA REQUIRED TO SETUP THE LEAGUE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND CRITICAL PART OF GOLF LEAGUE SECRETARY.  Bad or incomplete setup data can decrease the utility of GLS and possibly cause errors.  The program will insist that some data be filled in before it will allow you to move on, it is required information.  If you do not know or have not decided certain data or parameters you will have to cancel and come back later.  Many parameters can be changed or edited after the league is set up.  It is important to take the time up front to know the answers to all the input questions required by GLS before setting up your league.

Once you have your league properly set up, Golf League Secretary will provide scorecards; pairing sheets; league statistics and handicaps; informative reports; and much more...

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