SAMPLE LEAGUE RULES (This template can be used to develop golf league rules.  It may be more or less detailed than you need.  It attempts to cover many of the various rules which some leagues may need in order to operate smoothly without creating major disputes.  You can make changes, deletions, additions as desired.  This document may be used without permission.  This document is provided as is and its main purpose is to give you ideas about developing golf league rules.  This setup has been developed for over 30 years and is working well in an actual golf league.)

Contact Information:  SECRETARY: [name here (phone number here)] / PROSHOP: [name here (phone number here)]

1. INTRODUCTION: [League Name Here], is a two-person team men’s golf league. League members must be male, at least 21 years old and abide by all league rules.
1.1 The NUMBER ONE RULE is PLAY FAST! Be Ready to Hit! Keep it moving…
1.2 The League will play on Wednesday’s, the first tee time is 4:30 p.m., beginning April 27, 20xx at [Golf Course Name Here].
1.3 The League Coordinator / Treasurer is [name here (phone number here)]. The League Secretary is [name here (phone number here)]. The Rules Committee members for 2011 are [name here], [name here], and [name here].

The League Coordinator / Treasurer is Rob Williams (888-100-0000). The League Secretary is Bill Rogers (888-999-9999)
2.1 The league will collect $1.00 per player per week for league administration fees and expenses.
2.2 The league will pay the League Secretary, $.60 per week per player. (League fees reduced by $240.00)
2.2 (a) The League Secretary’s duties will include: Setting and distributing a schedule and score cards for League play; Recording and distributing accurate results of league play; Maintaining and updating League handicaps, standings, rules, and records.
2.3 The league will pay the League Coordinator / Treasurer $.40 per week per player. (League fees reduced by $160.00)
2.3 (a) The League Coordinator / Treasurer duties will include: Act on behalf of the TGIW Golf League with golf course personnel and secure and keep the contract; Collection of all dues owed to the TGIW League and full payment to the golf course; The Coordinator shall set an agenda and conduct a preseason meeting, to elect officers, to review rules, establish teams, and collect monies for the upcoming season. The league treasurer must keep a detailed and accurate accounting of all revenues and expenditures and provide a pre-season income statement with projected income and expenses and a final income statement showing actual income and expenses for the season. Balance deficits or surpluses will be handled by the rules committee.

3.1 The Rules Committee will be made up of the two league officers and 3 league members selected from interested volunteers by a league vote at the preseason league meeting. Rules Committee members must come from different teams.
3.2 The Rules Committee can make league and local rules pertaining to league play at anytime including but not limited to matters which affect points, standings, rule interpretation, etc. All league disputes, violations, and penalties, are subject to review by the Rules Committee.
3.3 The committee may consult any outside party including but not limited to the parties involved, any witnesses, and/or the course head golf professional. Decisions made by the Rules Committee are final. Major changes in league rules are proposed and voted on in the preseason meeting or require a written vote of all league members.

4.1 The 2012 season league fees total $640.00 per person for 22 – 9 hole rounds. The league will be played over 21 weeks with one week being an 18-hole shot gun scramble “fun night.” A $480.00 fee per man is paid to the golf course which includes greens fees, shared riding cart with partner, a weekly small bucket of balls, and a dinner on the last night of golf. An extra $160.00 will be collected for administrative costs and all Prize Money (both halves) including Skins, Closest to Pin, Super Skins, and Fun Night. Subs are not eligible for prize money. See the income statement below for a detailed budget of league funds.
4.2 Fees can be paid in 2 payments as follows: The first payment of $320.00 minimum is due no later than April 18, 2012, the first night of golf. The fees must be PAID IN FULL on or before May 23, 2012.

5.1 League Competition (18 weeks).
Each Team will play the other teams twice in the season.
LEAGUE POINT SYSTEM (Our traditional 40 Point Scoring Method)
Each round is worth a total of forty (40) points broken down as follows:
Team points - 18 points - Two points per hole
Individual points -18 points - One point per hole per player (9 points per player)
Match points - 4 points - Lowest Team Net Score
TEAM POINTS are awarded, on each hole, to the team with the lowest combined net score. There are (2) two points available per hole. In case of a tie, the teams' will receive one (1) point each.
INDIVIDUAL POINTS are awarded, on each hole. "A" player VS. "A" player, and "B" player VS. "B" player. The scorecards will indicate the opponents and which holes strokes are given.  There is one (1) point available for each hole.  Player with the low net score for the hole gets 1 point.  In case of a tie each player receives a half point.
MATCH POINTS The team with the lowest combined net score will receive four (4) points for the match. In case of a tie, each team will receive two (2) points.
All points, Individual, Team, and Match, are added together to determine TOTAL TEAM POINTS for Team Standings.
Individual Points will be kept separately to determine Individual Standings.
5.2 ( Mid-Season 18 Holes Fun Night) Date ,rules, teams, matches to be determined later.

6. LEAGUE PLAY: “The Golf Rules”
6.1 All matches shall be played from the White tees for the first half of the season, and the Blue tees in the second half. The scorecards will indicate which tees to play.
6.2 All matches will be played under Summer Rules, which means - Play it as it Lies,
6.3 UNFAIR LIE RULE: If your ball rests in a divot or in ground which may be considered under repair or unfair, you may place a ball at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, without penalty, only after notifying and receiving permission from your opponent. A bunkered ball shall be placed in the bunker. If permission is not granted then the ball must be played as it lies. If the course dictates “cart path only” you may Lift, Clean, & Place your ball, in your own fairway only.
6.4 No putts for birdie or better may be conceded. Only pars and higher putts may be conceded at the discretion to the opponent.
6.5 Designated DROP AREAS, will be used on the par 3 holes only. You can PLACE the ball within the Drop Circle or outside the drop circle on a line to the previous shot back as far as you wish, no closer to the hole.
6.6 The MAXIMUM SCORE on any hole is 4 over par. A player may pick up on any hole and take a 4 over par score. If two opposing players take the maximum score on a hole, then the points for that hole shall be halved regardless if one opponent is getting or receiving strokes on that hole.
6.7 “The 4 Options Rule”: How to Handle: A Lost Ball / Unplayable Lie / Out of Bounds / Wooded Areas / Any Water Hazard / Or ANY BALL WHICH HAS TO BE MOVED IN ORDER TO PLAY IT.
PENALTY: ADD 1 STROKE and use one of the following 4 options…
Option 1: Place the ball and re-hit from approximately the same spot as your last shot.
Option 2: Place the ball 2 club lengths from where the ball lies or the point of entry, no closer to the hole.
Option 3: Keep the point of entry between yourself and the Flag and place the ball on this line, no closer to the hole, back as far as you want.
Option 4: Keep yourself between the point of entry and Your Last Shot and place the ball on this line, no closer to the hole, back as far as you want.

Point of Entry: The last point where the ball crossed playable golf course – before becoming unplayable, whether going out of bounds, lost, or in a hazard or wooded area. If the shot never crosses playable golf course then use option 1. If the player and the opponents disagree substantially where to spot the point of entry, it can be a compromised spot agreed to by both sides.  Make a decision and GO!
Drop: In all “drop situations” where a penalty stroke is being added, you may Place the ball no closer to the hole and at least two clubs lengths from a green. Never on a green.
Unplayable Lie: A player at any time can declare his ball unplayable and use the 4-options rule.
6.8 If there are any RULES DISPUTES during a match a provisional ball can be played and the rules committee will make a decision. Committee decisions are final.

7. MATCH (a foursome)
7.1 A NORMAL MATCH is a foursome, 4 players, which shall consist of a two man team of league members or their qualified sub(s) opposing a two man team of league members or their qualified sub(s). Subs use the same handicap calculations as league members.
7.2 All normal matches will be scored using our standard 40 point system. See rule 5.1.
7.3 If a league member or substitute is late and shows up before his group tees off on the 3rd hole of play, it can be considered a legal match and he can make up the first 2 holes after the round and those scores will be used. If he shows up after the group tees off on the 3rd hole of play, then he is considered absent and is playing for fun. (See Rule 8)
7.4 If a league member starts the round, and finishes one or more holes and is unable to complete the round for any reason, the holes not completed shall be scored in the same manner as an absentee match (See Rule 8), prorated for the number of holes remaining. The holes completed shall count for scoring purposes. If a league member completes less than 9 holes they shall be considered absent for handicap purposes and no score shall be posted. If a substitute player starts but cannot complete a round then it is considered an absentee match and Rule 8 applies in full.
7.45 MAKE-UP MATCHES. MAKE UP MATCHES MUST BE PLAYED IN ADVANCE OF THE SCHEDULED MATCH. Matches must be preapproved by the rules committee. There is no penalty for playing a match in advance of the scheduled date. Make up matches may not qualify for money games… check with the league coordinator.

8. ABSENTEE MATCH (defined as less than a foursome)  An absent team, or player, can earn points but are penalized as follows: If a player(s) is absent and unable to secure a sub, the absent player will be penalized (4 ) four actual strokes added to the players handicap to determine a “dummy” score. Example: a player who’s current handicap is 7 would expect to have 7 bogeys and 2 pars (7 over par). For scoring purposes, with the 4 stroke penalty the player will be given a “dummy score” of 7 bogeys and 2 double bogies on the two most difficult holes (11 over par). In this example, assuming a par 36, the absent players “dummy score” is 11 over par with his current 7 handicap for a net score of 40. Then using the “dummy score,” calculate the match as per league rules. “Dummy” scores are not used for any purpose other than scoring an absentee match.
8.1 In any Absentee Match (less than a foursome) A team, including the team with both members present, cannot earn more points than the most points earned by any team playing a Normal Match for that night of golf.
8.2 In any Absentee Match (less than a foursome) The team with 1 or both players absent cannot win more points than their opponents with 2 players present. The absent player or players cannot win more individual points than their present opponent. This rule implies the maximum that can be won by a team with less than two players is 20 points and the maximum number of individual points that can be won by an absent player is 4.5 individual points.
8.3 If both league members are absent from a team (2 no shows), with no subs playing, the present team, if it has 2 players, shall earn a minimum of 20 points. This rule implies the maximum that can be won by an absent team (2 no shows), is also 20 points.
8.4 If both teams have one absent player with no sub, the two present players will play and their scores will count for handicap purposes. In this match, each present player will receive 5 individual points and each team will receive a total of 20 points.
8.5 A match shall never result in more than 40 points, however, when implementing rule 8.1 or 8.2 a match may result in less than 40 points.

9.1 The actual scores will be adjusted for handicap purposes as follows: Nothing higher than TRIPLE BOGIE is allowed.
9.2 There is no maximum handicap for the league.
9.3 Handicaps are calculated by taking the Average of the Adjusted Scores Used, MINUS Par, TIMES 96%.  (Fractions .5 and above are rounded up)
9.4 Scores Used for Handicap Purposes:
Players with 5 or More Rounds Posted:  If a player has at least 5 Adjusted Scores posted, including Outside Adjusted Scores, then the handicap is calculated using the Average of the Low 4 or the Last 5 adjusted scores posted, Minus Par, Times 96%
Players with 4 Rounds Posted:  Use players lowest 3 of 4 adjusted scores
Players with 3 Rounds Posted:
  Use players lowest 2 of 3 adjusted scores
Players with 2 Rounds Posted:
  Use players lowest 1 of 2 adjusted scores
Players with less than 2 Rounds Posted:
  Use the 70% RULE: Adjusted Score Minus Par, Times 70% for the current round played.  Players with less than two rounds cannot have less than a NET 2 OVER PAR score for scoring purposes.
9.5 Plus (+) handicaps are allowed.
9.6 Substitutes handicaps will be calculated in the same manner as league members.

10. SUBSTITUTE RULE.  A substitute (sub) player must be an amateur golfer at least 18 years old, male, and abide by all league rules.  Securing a sub is the responsibility of the absent league member or his partner.  Any player who is not a League member is considered a substitute.

11. RAINOUTS / LIGHTNING.  If lightning is present, you are to immediately take the standard precautions prescribed for this condition. Rainouts will be determined by the club pro and/or the rules committee. Take cover if the course warning horn sounds during a round. You will be notified if the round is being postponed or canceled.