Player Setup

There can be two types of players in a league: 1. Regular Players, and 2. Extra Players.  GLS allows extra players to be added to a team. Extra Players show up on the handicap report and individual standings.  Initially however, Only Setup Regular Players during Player Setup.  Extra Players can be added after the League and Regular Players are setup.

Click on the initial Player Setup Button or from the "Setup" Menu select Player Setup to enter Player Data into database.

The straight forward screen has data entry boxes for First Name, Last Name, Address, and Phone. Initially only the First and Last name are required, so that a player ID's can be assigned by GLS.  If you don't have all the address data, you can add this later, if at all, in Database / Edit Mode.  Enter the Player Data then Click on "Add Player..."

You can copy player files from other leagues in the database.  Select a league from the League List, then select a player from the Player List. Press the "Enter Player" button to insert player data in the setup form. To add the player to the database, Click on "Add Player…"

IMPORTANT Players must be entered in order of Team Numbers.  The first player entered should be Player A, Team 1. The second player entered will be Player B, Team 1, then Player A, Team 2, etc. Also, GLS sets the 1-man, 2-man, 3-man, and 4-man according to handicap.  By default, the lowest handicap player on a team is the 1-man, regardless of the order in which the players were entered.  This can be changed once everything is setup...

You are now ready for "Schedule Setup"