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Golf League Secretary™ 2012 for Windows
Table of Contents

What's New
Getting Started
Sample Leagues
Demo Version
Tech FAQ's

Setup Functions
Golf Course Setup
Golf League Setup

Player Setup
Schedule Setup
League Points Setup
Set Player / Team Divisions
Extra Player Setup

Replace a Player
The GLS Database
Database Maintenance

Spreadsheet Functions

The GLS Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet Formatting
Spreadsheet File Types
Spreadsheet Formulas
Spreadsheet Menu
Sorting Rows or Columns
Spreadsheet Templates
Cell Span
Cell Note

Printing Functions
Printing Options
Print Preview

League Functions
Weekly Checklist

Match Setup
Creating Scorecards
Scorecard Templates
Week One Handicaps
Rainout or Postponement
Entering Weekly Scores
Scoresheet Method
Weekly Report Templates
Forfeits and No-Shows
Make Up Matches
Player Team Position - Setting Manually

Substitute Players
GLS Reports
Corrective Queries
Weekly Prizes

Handicap Functions
Handicap Calculation
USGA Inspired Options
Handicaps - Setting Manually
Handicaps - Traveling League

USGA Statement
Computer Lock Up
Golfsoft Company
Registration / Program Editions
Printed Documentation
Uninstall GLS

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