Player Team Position - Setting Manually

Also See Match Setup where you have more options for setting up matches and positioning players than the method described below.

You can manually set the players position on a team, whether 1-man, 2-man, etc., in the GLS Database in the "PlayerA" Field, "PlayerB" Field, etc. of the "Teams" Table for the League.  To manually set the player position on a team:

  1. Open the GLS Database.  Click on "Edit" menu... "Database"... "Edit League Tables"

  2. Select the "Teams" Table for the League.  If yours is league 1, then the table you want is named "1Teams."

  3. In the "PlayerA" Field, insert the PlayerID Number for the 1-man.

  4. In the "PlayerB" Field, insert the PlayerID Number for the 2-man.

  5. If applicable, continue for PlayerC and PlayerD…

The player positions are calculated and posted to this table automatically when you run the "Handicap Report."  The player with the lowest handicap on the team is Player A or the 1-man.  The player with the next lowest handicap is Player B or the 2-man, etc.  However, there may be times when you may want to manually set the player positions.

For Week 1, until you run the Handicap Report (Update Handicaps), for the first time, GLS positions the players as you entered them by Player ID number.