Match Setup

This feature may never be needed if you "stick to" the schedule the way it was created.  GLS automatically sets the matches according to the schedule.  You may from time to time, however, want to override the schedule or simply change the order of players in the match.

In Match Setup, you can do the following:

  1. Keep the schedule as far as which players or teams oppose each other.  However, you will be able to change, or set manually, the order the players appear on the scorecards.

  2. Disregard the Schedule and set all matches manually.

  3. For 4-man team leagues, you can change the way the matches are setup.

Basically, Match Setup creates a new schedule for the week and stores it in the MatchSetup Table for the league.  If a schedule exists in the MatchSetup Table, for that particular week, GLS will use that schedule instead of the schedule located in the Schedule Table.  GLS always looks to the MatchSetup Table first, then to the Schedule Table.  After a week is complete and all records are "in the books," GLS posts the actual, final schedule, (i.e. the way it really happened) in the MatchSetup Table for that particular week.  Whenever GLS needs a reference to a past week, it gets any information about the schedule from the MatchSetup Table.