Golf League Setup

The League Setup is the most involved setup and requires more decisions be made than the other setup modes. Your decisions, for example, will determine how handicaps, points and forfeit matches are calculated. These parameters are usually determined by a Rules Committee. If this or other league parameters require a committee decision make sure a meeting is held and all parameters are decided on before running League Setup. The League Setup Check List in the Setup Menu under Organizers is available to help provide the parameters of your league. IT IS BETTER TO KNOW THE ANSWERS UP FRONT BEFORE RUNNING LEAGUE SETUP. It is possible, however, to make changes to the league parameters in Database Mode after the league is set up.

You can decide the method in which you will enter scores. The Hole-By-Hole Method (default / recommended), or the Simplified Method (new). The Simplified Method requires that you only enter the total score and points for each player. You do not have to key in the results hole-by-hole. The Simplified Method, thus, cannot calculate points or adjusted scores automatically, as is the case with the Hole-By-Hole Method. If you select the Simplified Method, you must input scores using the Scoresheet Method (new). Basically, the Scoresheet Method of data entry allows you to enter scores on a single page versus entering scores a match at a time in order of how they are played. Scores can be entered in any order. This method is ideal for those who want to enter results at the golf course as the players turn in their cards.

Opening Screen (Basic parameters)

  1. Fill in all the requested data. The League Name, Course Name, Holes Per Match, and Persons Per Team are required information.  If yours is a scramble or bestball league, then under the Persons Per Team select One (1).  See Below for more details...

  2. Press Continue to go to next screen or Cancel to quit League Setup and Delete all data entered so far...

Second Screen (Miscellaneous league parameters)

  1. Set the number of players; league day; first tee time; and minutes between groups...

  2. If 9-hole league then enter how the league tees off each week. (Required)

  3. Does your league have Team and Individual matches?

  4. Does your league track putts, greens, or fairways, or all of the above?

  5. Tee Off Times? Or Tee Off as they arrive...

  6. Enter data and continue to next screen...

For 4-person team leagues, a screen will appear at this point to ask for "Match Setup". It will determine how players are paired in the matches. Options allow the 1-person and 2-person from each team play each other, and the 3 and 4 person play each other OR you can select 1 and 3 or 1 and 4. Match Setup can be changed each week, if desired, under the Match Maker option. Select an option from the list.

Third Screen (Handicap parameters)

  1. Select the way your league will adjust scores or accept the Default of "Do Not Adjust."

  2. Enter the percentage of Handicap Allowed or accept the Default of 100%

  3. Select which adjusted rounds are used or accept the Default of "Use All Rounds."

  4. Enter Maximum Strokes allowed if applicable, or accept the Default of "No Maximum."

  5. Press OK to create the League Database.

In order to run a "Scramble" or "Best-Ball" league in GLS, the teams must be considered as individuals. The league type must be individual, versus 2-person team or 4-person team. Thus, if the scramble or bestball team consists of John Jones and Tom Smith, the team is entered as an individual named Jones-Smith. In this setup, do not think of teams...think of individuals. This is only natural since the "team" is posting 1 score per hole and 1 total score. Their combined scores are the basis for their combined handicap. When in "Player Setup", the "player's" first name will be Jones or J.Jones or even John Jones. The player's last name will be Smith or T.Smith or Tom Smith. You could even name them after their sponsor or any other name such as, "The Intimidators." If you would like a hyphen (-) to appear between the names then add it to the end of the first name or the beginning of the last name.

Subsititute players for scrambles or bestballs are handled the same way. If Bob Johnson subs for John Jones, then the substitute "players" name is either Johnson-Smith or Smith-Johnson. Remember think in terms of individuals not teams. In this case you will setup a sub named Johnson-Smith and assign them a handicap. In other words, the individual player named Jones-Smith has a substitute named Johnson-Smith. Then the handicap report will show these two "teams" as totally separate players. If Bill Nelson subs for Tom Smith, then we need to setup a sub named Jones-Nelson, etc.

You are now ready to input Player Information under "Player Setup"