Make Up Matches

Make up Matches can be entered using either the "View/Edit Player Results" OR "Make Up Match."

Player results can be edited or updated by going to the "Update Menu" and clicking on "View/Edit Player Results." An input box will appear that allows you to select the week number and player name. The current player results will appear… You can then change any of the numbers to update the players file. Remember: There are no automatic calculations for Adjusted Score or Points in this mode. Set these categories before saving the changes. More details are available on the input box.

To use the Make Up Match Alternative:

To enter the results of a make up match...  Click "Update Menu."..."Make Up Match."   Select or Enter the appropriate Week Number and Which Match.

After selecting the Make Up Match and pressing OK, the Match Results Input Form appears.  It is similar to the Weekly Input Form for entering Weekly Results.  For 9-hole leagues, check to make sure the correct side (front or back) is showing.  Press SwitchNines to switch.  A substitute player is handled the same way as in Weekly Results, as are absent players. (See Substitute Players)  Fill in the scores and stats on the Match Input Form.

The database will update the player and team files of the make up participants.