Getting Started


You can press the F1 key at anytime to start context sensitive help.

First of all, please read the license agreement to understand the various editions, versions, etc.  Also, please do not attempt to order the program (obtain a license) unless you are sure the program will work for you.  The unlicensed version does everything the licensed version does except for not allowing you to go past 5 weeks of data entry for any league you create.  That's it!  Except for the opening and closing reminders that the program is unlicensed, the demo version and licensed version are the same.  There is no pressing reason to order the program immediately or until you have used it for a couple of weeks.

If you are not sure if GLS will work for you read the trouble shooting page.  The Number 1 Problem users have with this program is they set up the League, Players, or Schedule before knowing all the facts!.  The Golf Course is no problem... just get a scorecard and input the yardages, pars, and hole handicaps.  But steps 2 through 4 are different.  They take information which only the league and players can decide.  If you haven't already, print out the League Setup Checklist provided from the Setup Menu...  Click Organizers.

There's nothing wrong with experimentation.  It's the best way to learn how GLS works.  Create one or more leagues before setting up your actual league.  See how it works...  create and print scorecards,  enter results, calculate handicaps, check out the reports, run queries, etc., etc.

A Golf League has four basic ingredients:  1. A Golf Course; 2. League Rules; 3. Players (and/or Teams); and 4. A Schedule (Dates and Appointments).  You set up your Golf League by simply inputting the required data for each ingredient.  Information about your league must be entered in the following order.

  1. The Course:  A league is not possible without a golf course, thus, it is the first setup item.  Once a golf course is setup any league you access it

  2. The League:  You have a golf course, now you need an organization with rules which is "The League."

  3. The Players:  No players….No league, thus players are next.

  4. The Schedule:  We must have a date and an opponent to make it interesting.

ENTERING ALL OF THE DATA REQUIRED TO SETUP THE LEAGUE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND CRITICAL PART OF GOLF LEAGUE SECRETARY.   Bad or incomplete setup data can decrease the utility of GLS and possibly cause errors.   The program will insist that some data be filled in before it will allow you to move on, it is required information.   If you do not know or have not decided certain data or parameters you will have to cancel and start over. Other inputs can be changed or edited after the league is set up.  It is important to take the time up front to know the answers to all the input questions required by GLS before setting up your league.

GLS provides a League Setup Check List in the Setup Menu under Organizers.  This list provides all the questions you will have to answer to setup your league.  This list is an excellent tool to take to the initial league meeting or meeting of the rules committee.

Many of the GLS help topics are, against all expert recommendation, too long and too "wordy."   Please excuse this "flaw."   It is to make up for the lack of printed documentation.   It may be a good idea to print some of the longer topics, such as those on handicap, spreadsheet operation, and database manipulation, so that they may studied off line.