Scoresheet Method

If you decide to use this method, please read this help topic very carefully.

You can enter scores and results on a single page using the Scoresheet Method.  If you are setup as a Simplified Method League, you must use the Scoresheet Method to enter scores.  If you are setup as a Hole-by-Hole Method League you can use either method of data entry.

This method is ideal if you want to enter scores in no particular order.  For example, if you want to enter results at the golf course as the players post their scores.

Before you can enter scores in Scoresheet Mode, you must Create a Scoresheet for the current week.  When you create a scoresheet, GLS places all the current matches, players, handicaps, etc., on the scoresheet.  It is up to you to enter the scores, and select the player status, that is whether or not the player posted a score, had a substitute or forfeited.  You do not have to enter any of the totals. GLS will calculate totals when you enter Scoresheet Mode.

Note: Before creating a scoresheet, make sure to register any new substitutes for that week or they will not appear on the scoresheet and you will not be able to select that sub…

Save the scoresheet to the Scoresheets folder. As an example, you could save the scoresheet with a name such as wk1scor.gls.  The scoresheet must be saved to this folder.

It is recommended that you fill out as much of the scoresheet as possible before entering Scoresheet Mode.  You can, for example, have the sheet active on your computer screen and entering the scores as the teams come in from the course.  The totals can be calculated after you enter Scoresheet Mode.

Now it is time to enter the scores and update the database. Select "Enter This Weeks Scores" from the Update Menu or click on the Enter Scores button on the Main toolbar.  Select "Scoresheet Method."  Next, you must Select a Scoresheet from the list box to the right.  If you properly saved your scoresheet then it will appear in the list box.  Now when you select OK your Scoresheet will appear in SCORESHEET MODE. You can make further changes at this time.  Click "Calculate" to have the point and totals entered on the scoresheet. Once you are confident that all the information is correct you can Click "Enter Scores" to officially enter all results to the database.  GLS will automatically run the Weekly Report at this time.  You can also Open the Scoresheet and use it as a "weekly report" since it has most the data you want to present.

(Remember, if you make a mistake the worse that can happen is that you "Delete Last Scores Posted" to put everything back the way it was before entering scores this week, OR simply Click Edit, Database, Edit Previous Results to make small changes to any players scores or points, OR you can open the Database in "Edit Mode" and make changes directly to the database tables.)