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You can open or save the GLS v9.9 Online Help File for help with specific questions about how the program operates...

Some Questions…

1The stroke hole "tick marks" are not appearing on the scorecard?

2The handicaps do not seem to change when I run the handicap report?

3I am getting a warning that my league is "illegal" and will be disabled even though I have a registered version...

4We have a 27 hole golf course and the Weekly report is not showing the correct nine played...

5The schedule does not seem to handle dates correctly or as I would expect...

6How do I get Tee Times to automatically appear on the Pairing Sheet, Scorecards, and Schedule?

7The matches are not coming up on the correct nine.  How do I set which nine matches are played on...?

8We have two flights in our league which do not play each other.  How do I set the schedule for this...?

9I'm starting the new season, how to I get the league to work again for this year?

10How do I change my course data without starting over?  I made a mistake in the yardage for one hole.

11How do I reschedule a week to a later date?

12Everything seems to be screwed up!  We changed the number of players and teams and now nothing works!  Help!!!

13We award bonus points if a player shows up for golf.  Will GLS automatically calculate these points for me?

14How can I set up my Scramble (or Best-Ball) league?

15The Matersheet is not being saved automatically after entering all weekly results?

16Can I create two scorecards on the same page?

17What is the best way to save my reports (spreadsheets) as Web pages so I can display the report on our website or use it in an email message ?

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The Answers…

1  The stroke hole "tick marks" are not appearing on the scorecard? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^
For "tick marks" to appear on scorecards the Hole Handicaps must be on the Scorecard Layout File AND GLS must know where to find them by having the correct cell coordinates listed on the Template File. The location of the Hole Handicaps must be posted in the "Front 9 Hole Handicaps" section of the Template File. For 18 hole leagues the following must also be set in the "Back 9 Hole Handicaps" section.

The Template must also tell GLS where to place the "tick marks." This information is held in the "Team 1 Front 9 Strokes" and "Team 2 Front 9 Strokes" sections.  For 18 hole leagues the following must also be set in the "Team 1 Back 9 Strokes" and "Team 2 Back 9 Strokes" sections.

Open the layout file and template file to make sure they are configured properly.

2  The handicaps do not seem to change when I run the handicap report? ........^back^...... ^ back to top ^
Check the options on the Calculate Handicaps page.  If the first option is selected GLS will not change or update handicaps.  This is useful if you set the handicaps manually for the first week and do not want the handicaps to change until a set number of weeks is played.  The handicap report shows all the "adjusted" scores.  You may want to run the report without changing the handicaps.  If this option is not selected, the handicaps will be calculated based on the handicap parameters.

Other Handicap Information:   If a handicap is blank (null or not established) at the time you attempt the post the scores, GLS will calculate and insert a handicap based on the Players Adjusted Score for that match, times the League Percent of Handicap Used.  If you do not want GLS to determine the handicap then you must provide a handicap at the time of posting or by manually setting the handicaps in advance.  Simply enter a handicap for the player at the time scores are being entered.  SCORES CANNOT BE POSTED WITHOUT A HANDICAP.

3  I am getting a warning about that my league is "illegal" and will be disabled even though I have a registered version......^back^... ^ back to top ^   In the Express Edition, for example, only league ID's 1 and 2 can be used past 5 weeks.  I'm assuming your league is number 3 or higher... You must delete League ID number 1 or 2 or both.  Select the league you wish to delete from the League List Box... then Go to the Edit Menu... Database... Delete... Delete League..  Next, Change your league ID number to a number lower than 3...  To do this...  Go to the Edit Menu... Database... Change League ID Number...  Once you change the ID to 1 or 2, then you will have no problem.

4  We have a 27 hole golf course and the Weekly report is not showing the correct nine played... ...^back^... ^ back to top ^ GLS, when printing the header for the Weekly Report, only recognizes the first nine and second nine.  It does not print the 3rd or 4th nine as does the mastersheet.  The numbers  on the report are correct.  The scores and points are correct.  But the header is wrong.  The hole numbers, yardage, handicap hole number, etc.  When you play the 3rd or 4th nine you will have to paste in the proper header.  Save a copy of the Weekly Report and name it "Header3rd.gls."  Now make the changes to the hole numbers, handicap holes, yardage, etc... Then SAVE to location you can find it easily.  Now, you will have a different header to paste into the Weekly Report that shows the correct hole numbers, yardage, and handicap number.  Again, the numbers below, player scores, etc. are correct.  It's just the header on the report that is wrong.  This is a quirk with courses of more than 18 holes that hasn't been addressed yet.  Store the custom headers in a spreadsheet where you can open it quickly... copy... and paste it over the incorrect information.  This should solve the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience... it will take an extra 20 seconds each week...

5  The schedule does not seem to handle dates correctly or as I would expect......^back^... ^ back to top ^  This problem may be caused when the Windows System default "Short Date" Format is set to MM/dd/yyyy.  Most system short date settings are set to MM/dd/yy or M/dd/yy where instead of having the full year (2001) displayed such as 01/01/2004, the short date format is 01/01/04.  In order the change this system format go to the Start button... Settings...  Click on Control Panel.  When the Control Panel folder is open, double-click on "Regional Settings" or in Windows XP click on "Regional and Language Options." the in XP click the "Customize" button.  Click on the "Date" Tab which runs across the top of the dialog box.  Change the Short Date format to MM/dd/yy and Click on Apply.  Restart Your Computer.  GLS should now recognize the proper date format.

6  How do I get Tee Times to automatically appear on the Pairing Sheet, Scorecards, and Schedule?........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ Go to Setup Menu... Schedule... Set Tee Times.  Click option button "Yes" to allow for tee times.  Set first tee time.  Set number of minutes apart.  Click button to automatically set all tee times.

7  The matches are not coming up on the correct nine. How do I set which nine matches are played on...?........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ The nine played by each match is determined by the settings in the database table named "SchedNine."  Please open this table in edit mode and set each match for each week manually.  Make it a 1 for the front nine and a 2 for the back nine.  This will solve the problem.  This can be done in Schedule Setup.  The nine played is color coded.

8  We have two flights in our league which do not play each other. How do I set the schedule for this...?........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ If the flights don't play each other then you actually have two leagues not two flights.  It is possible to manually set the schedule so that certain players or teams only play other certain players or teams, however, the key word is manually.  GLS will not AUTOMATICALLY create a schedule like that...  So, you can either manually set the schedule or Create two separate leagues.  If you create two separate leagues you can combine the 2 YTD reports into 1 by copying and pasting...

9  I'm starting the new season, how to I get the league to work again for this year?........^back^...... ^ back to top ^ If you have a league from last season, you still have to go through the League Setup.  In other words, start a New League.  The golf course will already be setup and will not have to be setup again. Follow the same procedure as last season.  Trying to make the old league work for this year, can create more problems than it is worth, you will save time in the long run by starting over.

Create a new league.  You can give it the same name as last season, and all the same settings.

Then go to Player Setup.  During player setup you can import the name and other personal data from the old league.  You will see a list box with all the available leagues. Select last years league.  All the players from last year will appear the players list box.  You can select the players.  All this does is save you from re-typing the players names and personal data.  Next go to Schedule Setup and set the new schedule.

If you want to use last years handicaps or some or all of last years scores, you will have to the go to Outside Scores Setup.   Each player will be listed and you can enter up to 20 outside score indexes (number of strokes over par). These will be used to calculate handicaps.

10  How do I change my course data without starting over? I made a mistake in the yardage for one hole.......^back^...... ^ back to top ^ The course data must be edited directly in the database.  Go to the Edit Menu... Database... Edit League Tables.  There are 4 tables which hold the course data.  The "Courses" table has the general course info including the CourseID Number.  Open this table in Edit Mode.  The "CoursePar" table has the par for each hole, the  "CourseHandicap" has the handicap hole numbers, and the "CourseYards" has the yardage for each hole.  You can make changes directly to each table.  It's a snap!

11  How do I reschedule a week to a later date? ...^back^... ^ back to top ^
In Schedule Setup there are several ways to handle a rainout or postponement.

1. Delete the week (league plays one less week).  Simply select the date to be canceled  and click the "Delete Week" button.
2. Reschedule to another week (change the date, league plays same number of weeks).  In Schedule Setup, change the date to the new date and click the "Sort Weeks By Date" button.
3. Postpone to next week and add a week to the end of schedule (same number of weeks).  Select the date to be shifted forward and click the "Shift Dates Ahead 1 Week" button.
4. Postpone to next week, however delete another future week (league plays one less week, and ends as scheduled.  This is a combination of two actions from above.  First do Number 3 above, then do Number 1.  You shift the weeks forward then delete any week in the future.

12  Everything seems to be screwed up! We changed the number of players and teams and now nothing works! Help!!!...^back^...^ back to top ^
This appears to be a case where it is best to start from scratch.  Start over! Create a new league, set the players up, set the schedule up and go.  Trying to take "short cuts" can create problems and you'll spend more time trying to make it work than if you just create a "fresh" league setup. This program is running excellent for 99% of all users.  Many problems are caused by deleting or editing the database...

Most of the problems users have with GLS are caused by trying to make the program do something it was not designed to do...  Some problems occur because of a misunderstanding of what GLS can and cannot do.  It cannot do everything.  That would be impossible.  If it can't do something, it can't be forced to do it.  GLS works best for leagues that have set players, set teams, and a set schedule.  GLS does not work with leagues that have different players every week or if playing the round is optional.  GLS does not work well, if at all, for leagues that change partners periodically or if the players "just kind of show up when they feel like it."  GLS is not recommended for leagues where players can play any course they want or turn in the scorecard whenever they feel like it. Also, GLS, does not handle a mixed type league where it is necessary to have different hole handicaps for different  players.  Won't work!  Everyone must play the same golf course.  They can tee-off from different tees, but the hole handicaps must be the same for everyone.  GLS will not automatically calculate some types of points.  For example, some leagues award points for showing up to golf.  GLS will not calculate this automatically, however, you can manually enter team or individual points as you please.  GLS will not handle leagues with 3-person teams, ONLY individual, 2-person teams, and 4-person teams are allowed.  It can't be coaxed to work for leagues with 5 or more players on a team.  In order for GLS to work properly, the course handicaps for 18-hole courses must be odd numbers 1 through 17 on the front, and even numbers 2 through 18 on the back.  For 9, 27, and 36 hole courses the handicaps holes are numbered 1 through 9 for each nine.  GLS will not accept hole handicaps that do not comply with this requirement.  There are probably many other league rules that GLS will not handle.  One league actually awards points if the temperature is below 40 degrees!  It's true.  Obviously, GLS cannot do everything that people can possibly think up...  If you are not sure if GLS can handle your league email us with the league specifics. We may tell you GLS is not recommended or we may have some ideas to make it work.

13  We award bonus points if a player shows up for golf. Will GLS automatically calculate these points for me?...^back^... ^ back to top ^
GLS cannot automatically determine "bonus" points based on net score.  You would have to enter these manually.  When you calculate a match, GLS automatically adds the scores, the nets, the adjusted, etc.  It also calculates the points (those which it can).  If you would like to add more points you can insert them manually as User-Defined Points.  You can enter User-Defined Individual Points or Team Points.  To make this feature available go to the Points parameter setup wizard from the Setup Menu.

14  How can I set up my Scramble (or Best-Ball) league?.......^back^......
^ back to top ^
In order to run a "Scramble" or "Best-Ball" league in GLS, the teams must be considered as individuals.  The league type must be individual, versus 2-person team or 4-person team.  Thus, if the scramble or bestball team consists of John Jones and Tom Smith, the team is entered as an individual named Jones-Smith. In this setup, do not think of teams...think of individuals.  This is only natural since the "team" is posting 1 score per hole and 1 total score.  Their combined scores is the basis for their combined handicap.  Substitute players are handled the same way.  If Bob Johnson subs for John Jones, then the substitute "players" name is either Johnson-Smith or Smith-Johnson. Remember think in terms of individuals not teams.  In this case you will setup a sub named Johnson-Smith and assign them a handicap. So in other words, the individual player named Jones-Smith has a substitute named Johnson-Smith. Then handicap report will show these two "teams" as totally separate players. If Bill Nelson subs for Smith, then we need to setup a sub named Jones-Nelson, etc.

15  The matersheet is not being saved automatically after entering all weekly results?......^back^...... ^ back to top ^
If the mastersheet is not being saved you must create a folder named "Mastersheets" (must be spelled correctly) in the "Golfsoft/ GLS9/ WeeklyReports" folder.  Open Windows Explorer and select the "WeeklyReports" subfolder then from the "File" Menu click "New...  New Folder" then type in "Mastersheets."  Once the "Mastersheets" folder is created, the mastersheet will be saved automatically to this folder.

16 Can I create two scorecards on the same page?......
^back^...... ^ back to top ^
You can create 2 scorecards on one sheet of card stock or paper.  If you use the Standard Template and Layout files GLS will handle the 2-up cards automatically. If you use a custom template and layout, use the same custom template file, however, a new custom layout must be created which has 2 copies of the scorecard, one on top of the other. Also, GLS must know how many rows separate the two cards.   The numbers of rows must be entered on the Create Scorecards initial screen.

Creating a 2-Card Custom Layout File: You can easily create this new layout by opening the existing layout and converting it to handle two cards.   Open the existing Custom Layout File that you are now using.   Rename it.   For example, if the original layout is named "mylayout.gls" then name the 2-card layout "mylayout2.gls."  Select the entire range of cells for the scorecard layout...  In other words select from cell A1 to the bottom right cell of the scorecard, then while holding down the Control (Ctrl) Key, select the upper/left single cell where you want the bottom scorecard to be placed.  You will now have the entire scorecard selected and a single cell where the bottom scorecard will begin.   Keep at least one cell between the top card and the bottom card.   This is the "in between row" which will be used for spacing and separation of the two cards.  

Then from the Edit menu click "Copy and Paste Data, Cell Types, and Formats."
An exact copy of the top scorecard, except for the Row Height, will be pasted to the new location .   Next, select the range of cells which make up all the rows of the top scorecard.   From the Edit menu click "Copy Row Height."  Then select the first row of the bottom scorecard and from the Edit menu click "Paste Row Height."  The 2 scorecards will now be exactly the same.
Next, you must count the number of rows that separate the cards.   Select a cell in the top scorecard, preferable one which has text or another identifiable trait.   Using the "down arrow," count down one row at a time until you reach the same cell in the bottom scorecard.   Remember the number.   Now when you create scorecards you will be required to input this number if you select "Custom Template" option and the "Print 2 Cards on One Sheet" option.   You will only have to do this the first time as GLS will automatically remember your settings the next time.

It is now a matter of adjusting the separation row to fit the size of stock you are using and to give a suitable border between the cards when they are cut in two.   After creating the new 2-card custom layout, look at it in print preview and print it to see if any further adjustments are needed.   Now you have a new custom layout file which will product two scorecards on the same page.   Again, you will use the same Scorecard Template File you have been using...

17  What is the best way to save my reports (spreadsheets) as Web pages so I can display the report on our website or use it in an email message ?......^back^..... ^ back to top ^ 
You have several options for sending GLS reports or spreadsheets as email or as web pages.  Once the reports are attached to the email, you, or your league members, can simply click on the report to open it in the appropriate application.  Once the report is open, it can be saved, edited, and printed.  Also, the HTML report can be embedded (pasted) directly into the body of the HTML email message, in which case, there would be no need to attach the file itself.  Read the following...

After you save a spreadsheet as a ".gls" file, you can save it as a Web Page, also know as an HTML document.  Actually the proper term is "export" as an HTML document.  It's called exported because the spreadsheet can be saved as HTML and viewed in a browser on the web or intranet, but a web page cannot be opened as a spreadsheet or report in GLS.  The file is exported for use in another program.  GLS spreadsheets, when saved as HTML, appear as a table in a web browser.  This will allow you to post your reports or results on the web or intranet. To save (export) a GLS spreadsheet as HTML: From the "File" Menu select "Save"; then in the "Save as type" drop down list box select the "Export as Web Document (*.htm); then give the HTML Document a name; then Click the Save Button. You now can view the saved file in a browser and post it to the Internet or send it as HTML Email.

Also, you may get better results by saving your GLS spreadsheet as an "MS Excel Spreadsheet (*.xls)," and opening it in Microsoft Excel. It is saved as a "Protected" sheet so you will need to "Unprotect" the sheet before you can edit it in Excel. Once in Excel you can save the sheet as a "Web Page (*.htm, *.html)." I have found that using Microsoft's more sophisticated save feature may give better results. Experiment for yourself.

Before "Exporting as HTML" or "Saving as XLS." it is best to remove the grid lines and column and row headers from the GLS spreadsheet. To do this, Click the "Display" menu and Click "Remove Column and Row Headers." Next from the "Options" menu, Unselect the options, "Show Horizontal Grid Lines," and "Show Vertical Grid Lines." The report will normally look better when converting them to HTML or XLS.

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