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For 2022 read carefully...

GLS Professional Edition is issued as a "no charge" complementary software program for 2022.  There is no need to order GLS or pay any fees whatsoever for 2022.  If you are installing GLS for the first time, download and install the latest FULL VERSION, OR if you already have GLS installed, then download and install the UPDATE.  GLS is complementary for 2022 because SUPPORT IS VERY LIMITED.  For help you must read the help files and tips from this website.  You will install and use GLS at your own risk.  The current license has been suspended since 2020...  a new license may be issued for 2023. If you are new to GLS, it may be better to look for an alternative program designed for Windows 10 and 11.

This page is dedicated to NEWS about our company or products, OR any new ideas we feel may be of interest to you ...

A detailed discussion of downloading, fees, ordering, registering, etc. is available on the Frequently Asked Questions page. 
See the Tech Help FAQ page for information about operating GLS....  All users should read the Getting Started page before setting up your league.  Also, check out the "How to Play Better Golf" page... and visit our LINKS page to see our recommended websites or EXCHANGE LINKS with us.

(00/04/20) - UPDATE (see fixes)
Available for download (v9.955 - 01/20/22

Previous GLS Versions:   Older versions of GLS (versions 1.1 through 9.0) are no longer supported in any way.   You can still request an unlock code for these versions.  We recommend you upgrade to the latest version.  Please do not report or inquire about any problems or questions you may have about any GLS version older than v9.9...  Instead, upgrade to the latest version...  Thank You!

How to Determine which files to download if you wish to install or upgrade to Golf League Secretary v9.9xx:

All Users fall within one of the following 3 categories.  Please select the correct one...

1.  For New Customers OR users Installing on New Computer OR current GLS v8.0x to v8.9x users who wish a "clean install" on their present computer:

Download and install the latest FULL VERSION of GLS v9.9xx.

2.  For all current GLS v9.0x through GLSv9.9x users
If you have any version of GLS that begins in 9 (nine) then, download the latest GLS UPDATE Version to v9.91x at this time.

3.  For all GLSv1.1 to v8.9 users
Users of older GLS versions will have to download and install the FULL VERSION of GLS v9.9xx.  The new version will be copied to its' own folder and will be separate from the older version.   It is recommended that you uninstall the older version before installing the new version.  Make sure you have backups of any custom scorecard or weekly report templates and copies of any reports you wish to keep.  They can still be used.  Also, any spreadsheets or reports created in an older version can be opened in the new version, so save any old reports to a backup location.  With the new version, your UNLOCK CODE WILL CHANGE and A SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL WILL BE REQUIRED if you use this option.  See FAQ's for information on how to order.


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