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GLS Version v9.955 - 02/11/22 is available as a NO CHARGE COMPLEMENTARY EDITION for 2022... 

If you are NEW to GLS OR if you have a version OLDER THAN v9.0 OR you are installing the program on a NEW COMPUTER then download and install this FULL VERSION...
See "A Beginners Guide to Downloading Files" for downloading help...

Full Version: Golf League Secretary™ 2022 
GLS v9.955 - 02/11/22
Windows XP / Vista (SP2) / Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10

Save this file to your hard disk.  No ZIP Utility Program is necessary.  Run the EXE file named GLS9Full.EXE (9.21 MB).  This file is ZIP compatible and can be opened with a ZIP Utility Program or can RUN as an executable file.


A More Detailed Description:
Download Golf League Secretary vGLS v9.955 - 02/11/22

GLS v9.9xx Download (FULL DEMO VERSION)... All new users must initially download this fully-functioning demo version.  If you decide to register the program, it can be converted to a registered version without downloading any further files.  If you decide to register the program, an unlock code, unique to every computer, will convert the demo version to a registered version.

GLS v9.9, like other software programs,  requires that several files be installed on your computer.  The file you are downloading (GLS9Full.EXE) is a single compressed file which contains all the necessary files needed to install GLS v9.9.  To view the latest installation information see READTHIS.TXT.

The file "GLS9Full.EXE" is actually an executable Zip format file which can be opened in a Zip Utility program or can run as an installation program.  This one file contains all the necessary installation files.   GLS9Full.EXE contains the following eight compressed files:  GLSSETUP.EXE, GLSSETUP.W02, GLSSETUP.W03, GLSSETUP.W04, GLSSETUP.W05,  GLSSETUP.W06,  GLSSETUP.W07, and READTHIS.TXT.  You can save this file to your hard drive or on a CD.  We recommend that you keep a copy of this file.

To start the installation simply double-click on the GLS9Full.EXE file.  This automatically extracts all the compressed files and automatically starts the installation program.  Then follow the instructions as you go...


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