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GLS can create the "Weekly Checklist" which is a step-by-step "To-Do" list for the following week.  This "road map" will remind you of what to do and in what order to do it...  Find this function under the Setup Menu...  Click "Organizers."


Hunters Ridge Tuesday Night Golf League
Weekly Checklist for Week Number: 6

1.  Was the GLS "Handicap Report" run after entering last weeks scores?  If not, then run the
report to update handicaps. This will make sure that handicaps on the scorecards are correct,
and that player positions (i.e. 1-man, 2-man, etc.) are up to date.

2.  Run this weeks scorecards.  You can use the "Standard" card layout or your own "Custom Template."  After all cards are complete, exit "Scorecard Mode." Now you can edit and/or print the cards.  From the "File Menu" select "Print..." to open the Print Dialog box where you can set several printing and layout options.

3.  After the round is complete, make sure the scores are added and individual and team points are
tallied.  If not, GLS will automatically calculate points during entry of scores.  Double check any substitute players score and handicap.  If a substitute is not registered Run "Sub Setup" from the "Setup Toolbar."  You are now ready to enter scores.

4.  Enter this weeks scores.  Remember to add any prize carry-overs from last week to this weeks prizes.  Make sure handicaps are correct...if not, type in correct handicap, or let GLS automatically calculate handicaps.  Double check hole scores before going to back nine or next match.  Make sure form is set to correct nine... if not Click "Switch Nines."  The Weekly Report will print automatically after all results are entered.  The Weekly Report will automatically be saved to the WeeklyReports/REPORTS/LEAGUE Folder.

5.  Now that the Weekly Report is saved, you can format the report for final printing.   Delete unnecessary columns or rows, change font style or size, etc.  If the report does not fit on a page you may have to change column widths or not include all data columns.  Experiment for the look you want...

6.  Now that the Weekly Report is printed.  You can update player handicaps.  Run the "Handicap Report."  Running this report automatically updates the Players and Teams database tables.  It is a good idea to print the Handicap Report and take it with you to the league next week in case there are any questions.

7.  Next, from "Run Query" run the "Year To Date Report."  This report gives the Team and Individual
standings, all the weekly scores, and many statistics.  Delete the columns for Fairways, Greens, and
Putts if your league does not track them.  If you do track these, you can paste the numbers into the YTD Report from the appropriate Query.  The same is true of Under Pars, Pars, Bogies, and Others.  A one-page handout with the Weekly Report on one side and the YTD Report on the other makes an informative report for the league members.  Add enhancements like notes or announcements, or paste other queries into this report.



Figure 1 - Sample Weekly Checklist


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