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As you look over the reports and scorecards produced by Golf League Secretary, you will notice they are actually spreadsheets, those familiar pages with rows and columns.  GLS has a built-in spreadsheet program.  This versatile and highly functional system offers a wide range of possibilities for your golf league reports and scorecards.  Because of the seemingly endless formatting options, your presentations have the information and look you want.  All your reports can optionally be saved as HTML, so you can post them on your website or send as email.  GLS reports can also be saved as MS Excel spreadsheets or as XML documents.


Below is a new spreadsheet opened in GLS.  A "Format" menu appears when you Right-Click on the spreadsheet.  From this menu you can quickly access many of the most common formatting functions and features.


GLS reports and scorecards are based on the familiar spreadsheet...

Figure 1 - The GLS Spreadsheet


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