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If for any reason you have to change the results once entered GLS makes it easy.
"Editing Past Results"

Let's say you are in week 5 of your league.  A player brings to your attention that "you made a mistake" in week 3.  You have him shooting a 46 on the back nine...  He actually shot a 45 on the front nine.  NO PROBLEM!  Bring up the players round from week 3 in "Review / Edit Past Results" and make the changes necessary.  This will assure the players league scoring record, handicap, and points are correct.


This feature can be a "life-saver."  What if you discovered the player didn't play at all, he had a substitute.  They forgot to put the subs name on the scorecard.  Now what?  This feature lets you put the record straight!  Once you download the demo version you will want to check this out.


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Updated 01/17/22

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