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- Who Plays Who this week?  This is not an easy thing to set up from scratch, making sure that each team, or each individual, competes an equal number of times with all other opponents.  Golf League Secretary uses the following templates, or boilerplates, for creating schedules for various size leagues.  These schedule templates were "borrowed" from bowling league schedules, which we found to be very satisfactory for the random appearance of each number.  Schedule templates are very difficult to find on the internet and we have many requests each year for help.  So here they are...

For Golf League Secretary users.  If you have a league with two divisions (flights), where one division does not compete against the other division, Golfsoft can create a custom schedule for you.  Send us an email request explaining your two division league and give the number of teams (or players if an individual league), in each division.  The custom schedule can be used during "Schedule Setup."  Select the "Use Template" option before clicking the "Create Matchups" button.  The custom schedule will appear.  You will notice that the two divisions are not scheduled against each other.  The players in this type of league must be entered, during "Player Setup," in order by division. Division "A" teams (or players) will be entered first, and division "B" second.  This type of league requires that once the divisions are set at the beginning of the season, teams and/or players CANNOT move to the other division during the season.  It IS NOT necessary to have an equal number of teams or players in each division.  It IS necessary to have an even number of teams or players in each division.  Let us know if we can help...

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