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"Golf Course Statistics" Report


The Golf Course Statistics Report is a summary of all the league scores by hole, by week.  This report is run from League Queries.  The Golf Course Statistics Report shows how the league, as a whole, averaged on each hole for each week.  If you track the weather conditions when entering scores,  a column will appear showing the weather for that match.  It shows the Par Differential on each hole and each nine.  Also, it shows the "actual" hole handicap as played by the league members and labeled "Difficulty."


Although hole handicap adjustments should probably not be made until the following year, some leagues use this information to readjust hole handicaps to better reflect the leagues difficulty on each hole.  This report is not necessarily something to hand out to the league members, even though it would be interesting, possibly in a final package of reports to each league member, however, this report can be a valuable tool for the league secretary and rules committee.


Golf Course Statistics Reports shows how the league scores on each hole by week

Figure 1 - Course Statistics report saved as a GLS document


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