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The following scorecard template and layout files are available for download and use in your league.  Scorecards produced in GLS require two files, a template and layout.  The Template files are located in the "Scorecards\ Template" folder. The Layout Files are located in the "Scorecards\ Layout" folder.  GLS templates end with the extension .GST and Layouts end in the extension .GLS (a standard spreadsheet extension).  The downloads (.zip file) contain both file types.  Once downloaded you must extract the layout file to the Layout folder and the template file to the Template folder.  To get more help with templates click here.  If you have designed a scorecard you would like to share, please feel free to submit the files for inclusion on this page.  Thank you.


1.  TGIW League in Fenton, Michigan uses the following scorecard for their 9-hole, 2-man team league.  The scorecard shows the stroke holes and provides an area for inputting team, individual and total points.  The Golfsoft Ad on the layout file, can be deleted or changed to a different graphic.  The graphic is placed in a "6-cell Span" with the "cell-type" set to "Picture."  If you are printing one card per page you can delete the bottom card.  If you   Download




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