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Many of our customers tell us they have tried several other golf league programs and nothing compares to Golf League Secretary.  Compare the long list of GLS Features with other golf league management software.

  • Handles 9 or 18 Hole Golf Leagues.

  • Split League Season in two. 

  • Handles Up to 4 Divisions or Flights.

  • Handles 1-Player, 2-Player, and 4-Player Teams

  • Handles Golf Courses up to 36 Holes

  • Handles "Same" Course or Traveling Leagues.

  • Allows Extra Players on a Team. 

  • Many new Query Options and Reports available...

  • Use Past Scores (i.e. from year before) for Handicap purposes...

  • Updated for latest USGA formulas... 

  • Improved method of handling Make Up Matches...

  • Create Custom Weekly Reports and Year To Date Reports

  • Version Editions … Standard Edition allows FOUR leagues, and Professional Edition allows UNLIMITED number of leagues.  

  • You can easily Replace a Player who quits.  The replaced player is added to the sub list and scores added to the sub results database.

  • Automatically handles Forfeits and No Shows.

  • The Results Entry Screen features the Options You Need!

  • User defined Point System - Net or Actual - Team, Match, and/or Individual Points.

  • Point Categories also include Individual or Team "Points Against the Field" and "Most Holes Won Net" per Match...

  • Automatically Calculates Individual, Match, and/or Team Points. On the Fly!...

  • User defined Handicaps including "USGA- type" format.

  • The League Handicap Report with scoring records and calculated handicaps.

  • Automatically Sets Handicaps, even for Week One.

  • User defined Adjusted Scores including "Equitable Stroke Control."

  • Creates and Prints Custom Scorecards.

  • Create Your own Custom Scorecard Layouts! 

  • Allows Direct Database Access for easy editing and troubleshooting.

  • Creates default or user defined Schedules.

  • Can override schedule and Manually Set Up Matches

  • Handles Rain-outs and Postponements

  • Handles Make-Up Matches

  • Creates editable, detailed Weekly Reports.

  • Creates editable, detailed Year-to-Date Reports

  • Reports can be Saved as HTML Web Pages for display in a Browser or sent as Email.

  • Reports can be saved a XLS files making them compatible with Microsoft Excel.

  • Reports can also be saved as XML Documents...

  • Can Automatically calculate Team and/or Individual Skins, Low Net, and Low Actual.

  • Produces Many Query Reports including Tracking Pars, Birdies, Bogies, and Others.

  • Can Track Putts, Fairways, and Greens in Regulation.

  • Easy Printing Capabilities for Scorecards and Reports.

  • Print Preview your reports before sending them to the printer. See the layout before it is printed! 

  • An Easy, Intuitive Results Entry form similar to your favorite Windows Spreadsheet.

  • Unique "Checklists" guide you through initial setup and weekly operations.

  • Player Report provides a week by week breakdown of league member scores and statistics.

  • The Golf Course Statistics Report shows how the league, as a whole, averaged on each hole for each week.

  • Detailed on-line HELP for most questions you will have.. 

  • Outputs can be pasted into any Windows spreadsheet or word processor.

  • For Individual Leagues (not teams) you can print one match on a scorecard (2 players) or in foursomes.

  • Easy Setup of Tee Times which can be added to the Schedule, the Pairing Sheet and all Scorecards ... Automatically!

  • Re-Designed Scheduling Features allows you to create the dates and matchups from the same screen.  Easy to edit for rainouts or other schedule changes that occur.

  • You can enter results in Practice Mode which allows you to quickly enter "random-phony" results without having to key-in scores (very time consuming).  This feature can shorten the GLS learning curve.

  • Enhanced Data Entry allows you to navigate between matches instead of having to enter all scores in order and not being able to edit a match once entered. 

  • Ability to fully Import Golf Courses and Leagues from GLSv9.0.

  • Along with the "Weekly Report", GLS creates a "Mastersheet" which contains multiple reports with breakdowns of Player Actual, Net, and Points... And Team Actual, Net, Best Ball Actual and Net, and Team Points. 

  • Sub Handicaps can be calculated using same formulas as regular league members.

  • GLS Help is in the Windows HTML Help Format which is similar to a browser.  The help content has also been updated and enhanced.

  • New features in GLS spreadsheet program allows improved graphics capabilities similar to MS Excel...

  • Improved Backup Database capability allows you to place a backup copy on the drive of your choice.

  • All new toolbars, dialog boxes, property pages, etc. 

  • Option available to just enter totals instead of entering hole-by-hole scores. A simplified method for those who want it... 

  • Enter scores in any order you wish using the new "Scoresheet Method." This also allows you to enter scores at the golf course as they are posted.

  • While creating scorecards you can change players or handicaps "on-the-fly" and recalculate the individual and team stroke holes. Ideal for inserting a substitute player on a scorecard.

  • This is Cool! Golfsoft Client Viewer- a separate application that can open, edit, format, print, and save GLS spreadsheets and reports...use on client machines to view E-mail attachments in there original format.  Best of all... it's FREE for all your league members!

  • Template Viewer enhances custom capabilities. 

  • Send Multiple Scorecards or Reports to PRINTER... 

  • Create Your own Schedule Templates 

  • Etc., Etc., Etc......

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