How to Find, Open, and Use Microsoft Windows Explorer ...

How to Find and Use

"Windows Explorer"


Learning how to find and use Windows Explorer (not to be confused with Internet Explorer) is important if you plan on downloading files from the internet and installing software.  Windows Explorer is a primary application within Windows which basically shows you how the computer is organized.  It has a list of all the files and folders on the computer.  You can open Windows Explorer from the XP Start button or while holding down the Windows key, press E.

Windows Start Button / All Programs >>

Figure 1 - Finding Windows Explorer

Once Open, Windows Explorer displays all the folders and files on your computer.  You can add, delete, move, rename, etc.  Below you will notice that we have created a folder named "Download" on the "C:" drive.  This folder will be used to hold all files that are downloaded from the internet.  How to download files from the internet ...

Windows Explorer -  Computer File Manager

Figure 2 - Windows Explorer

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